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Struggle for control; four people killed by Organized crime in Morelos

Mason killed outside his home,  a body foundin the town of Tejalpa and two on the road Galeana-Tequesquitengo

Struggle for control; four people killed by Organized crime in Morelos

Struggle for control; four people killed by Organized crime in Morelos

MEXICO CITY, April 15. – At least four people were executed Sunday in Morelos, which practically amount to more than 100 people have died in the state, resulting from acts of violence in which bands in organized crime are competing for territory.

The first attack took place in the colony between CIVAC Atenatitla and the colony’s CAPIRI at the corner of 6th Street East and 1 North, where someone knocked on the door of the building, and opened the mason named Maximin Montero Torres, 32, who was shot by two gunmen.

At six o’clock on Sunday, in the neighborhood of the town of Tejalpa Sports, Jiutepec, was found dead at the second street Estadio Azteca, the body of Jose Luis Aranda Carteño 30 years of age

His body lay on his back with head injuries, until there came the wife of the victim who stated that on Saturday he did not return to his home, located on the street Tejalpa Happiness, the man worked as a salesman ice.

Meanwhile in the south-west of the state, on the road-Tequesquitengo Galeana, were found executed with bullets Sunday morning, two male bodies aged between 25 and 30 years who are so far unknown.

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