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Criminal groups make multiple attacks in Morelos, at least five dead

Criminal groups make multiple attacks in Morelos, at least five dead

Criminal groups make multiple attacks in Morelos, at least five dead

Criminal groups make multiple attacks in Morelos, at least five dead

Reported four simultaneous attacks in the municipalities of Jiutepec, Temixco and Cuernavaca are reported more than 15 injured

The criminal group called “Warriors United” launched at least four simultaneous attacks, which left five people dead and more than 15 wounds, which were recorded in the first minutes of Saturday in the municipalities of Jiutepec, Temixco and Cuernavaca.

Violence has been ongoing for 15 days having started the “Operation Safe Morelos”, which according to the governor, Marco Antonio Adame Castillo, whose fundamental purpose is to prevent extreme acts of violence made by the drug cartels in the area.

According to police sources, the events occurred after Friday morning when a man’s head was placed on a car, and a narco Message with the initials “X5″ was left and challenged leaders of the GU and North Tierra Caliente of Guerrero.

The campaign started by these criminal organizations, aims to disrupt the drug trade and control of the north of Guerrero and Morelos State, as part of the dynamics of violence, police sources expressed.

The attacks took place in two bars, and at a petrol station in a popular neighborhood where placards were left in those places, containing a narco message claiming responsibility for the attack.

The first attack was in Colonia El Porvenir, Jiutepec, where a young man about 24 years old was shot by several individuals, in the place did not leave a message attributed to the fact.

The second attack took place at the bar “El Chuy” located in the town of Ocotepec, in the city of Cuernavaca, where several individuals entered the site and killed two people and injured 15, left a narco message at this site challenging “The Reds”.

Minutes later attacked a bar located on Avenida Vicente Guerrero, which is called “The Bar of a Friend”, where they left seriously injured one person and fled immediately on this site also claimed responsibility for the attack with a message.

Finally, this armed group came to a gas station at the entrance of the colony Temixco Ruben Jaramillo, deprived of their liberty where a worker from the gas station and left his body shot on the federal highway Cuernavaca-Acapulco.

In this last attack left at least three messages which threaten members of the criminal organization “The Reds” and “La Familia Michoacana.”

After the violent acts the gunmen went to the General Hospital in Cuernavaca, where they tried to finish off the wounded, but only fired on the outside of the hospital, which guarded the area.

On Saturday another person was executed in the town of Xochitepec, Alpuyeca community, of which his identity is unknown.

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US warning its’ citizens against travel to Ciudad Victoria

US warning its’ citizens against travel to Ciudad Victoria

US warning its’ citizens against travel to Ciudad Victoria

US warning its’ citizens against travel to Ciudad Victoria

The Consulate General of the United States in Matamoros, warned his countrymen by the increase in violent situations

CIUDAD VICTORIA, March 31. – The Consulate General of the United States in Matamoros, warned its’ countrymen of the increase in violence in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, and to avoid traveling to that location.

The instance of the United States announced that from this day on 14 March this year, has information of an increase in violence in this city, including clashes, grenade attacks and a car bomb.

In a bulletin issued by the U.S. Consulate in Matamoros, advises U.S. citizens to avoid traveling to Ciudad Victoria to the increasing incidents in the locality.

Attacks in the area have occurred in or near government buildings and public, including the City Ciudad Victoria and two major car dealerships. It has also resulted in the death and injury to pedestrians, police and criminal suspects.

Therefore, using the information provided, recommend that Americans exercise caution and remain extremely alert while living in or traveling through Ciudad Victoria and in general for the state of Tamaulipas.

“Because these acts of violence can erupt suddenly and without notice in the residential and commercial areas, innocent bystanders, including Americans, may also be at risk,” the statement said

Among the recommendations highlighted in the event of witnessing or being trapped in a confrontation, if it is within their means, without risking their physical integrity must leave the site.

Otherwise, the action to follow is to shelter behind a wall or other barrier that protects or else lie down and remain still.

If the person is at home or other building, he says, and gets to hear the firing of firearms is recommended so close to window doors to try to observe the events abroad.

It is best to move to an area considered safe within the place where you are.

Preferably a place that does not have windows and only have a door that remains closed

The consulate recommends following these guidelines until the contingency has been completed and stating that it is not at risk the integrity of individuals.

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