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Arrest warrant issued for Ye Gon, crime of smuggling precursor chemicals

The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) obtained from a federal court a new arrest warrant against Ye Gon, for the crime of smuggling precursor chemicals regarded as serious by Mexican criminal law.

crime of smuggling precursor chemicals

In a statement, the PGR said that after investigations by the public prosecutor attached to the Deputy Attorney Specialized Investigation of Federal Crimes (SEIDF) last June 28 criminal charges were filed against businessman of Chinese origin for this offense .

The federal agency noted that a district court had denied the arrest warrant requested, so the Federal Public Ministry filed an appeal.

Therefore, on 1 October a federal court ruled the judge to revoke the resolution and order the arrest of Ye Gon, considering that the evidence gathered during the preliminary investigation is credited the offense referred.

The PGR said the investigation was initiated following a complaint lodged by the Tax Administration Service (SAT) against Ye Gon, in its capacity as sole director of the company “Unimed Pharm Chem Mexico”, imported illegally precursor chemicals on 35 counts.

However it was done under the cover of a fake license, allegedly issued by the Commission on Health Authorization Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris), which caused damage to the federal treasury more than 10 million pesos.

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Mexico- Police arrest man accused of raping his stepdaughter

A case of child molestation being reported, and a complacent Attorney General looking for the complaint to go away!

 father arrested for raping Step Daughter

father arrested for raping Step Daughter

A man identified as the stepfather of a 14-year-old was arrested yesterday on a warrant, two years three months after he allegedly raped and violated his step daughter.

The detainee was identified as Fernando Cruz Rios Cruz, 31 years of age, who is identified as the suspect that molested his stepdaughter. According to the report of the Attorney General, the man allegedly twice raped the teen-aged girl in 2009.

The public prosecutor said the defendant loved the girl and she consented to their relationship. But, once the mother learned about the molestation she filed a complaint in December 2009, but it was not until Feb. 3 of this year that the arrest was ordered by the Attorney General. On Monday, agents from the Attorney General’s Office arrested him at his home with an arrest warrant.

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Arrest warrant issued against former Attorney General of Guerrero

Logo of the Attorney General's Office.
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Arrest warrant issued against former Attorney General of Guerrero

In addition he is charged, as one of the former public servants involved, offenses against the administration of justice

MEXICO CITY, Feb. 26. – The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) in Guerrero District 1 issued 10 arrest warrants for various federal crimes against other people, including former state attorney general, Alberto Lopez Rosas, For killing two students from the Normal School Ayotzinapa.

Without mentioning him by name, the Attorney General explained that the arrest warrants were against a civilian, a deputy, a CEO, three prosecutors, one assistant prosecutors and other public servant.

As mentioned on Friday, a group of federal police officers stood near the home of former Attorney General of Guerrero, Alberto Lopez Rosas, in Acapulco, which canceled a press conference that was scheduled at 10:30 of the morning.

In an interview by telephone it was reported that he was informed that there is an order of Arrest for her by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), to make a statement regarding the facts of killing two students from the Normal School Ayotzinapa last December 12, 2011. This despite the fact that he had already given a statement was for 10 hours.

In a statement, the agency said that the former head of the Attorney General of the State of Guerrero is cited for concealment to divert or obstruct justice in the investigation of a crime.

In addition she is charged, as a former-public servant who was involved, in offenses against the administration of justice, favoring an accused to escape the action of justice.

As for the civil charge, the PGR said that she is named for the crimes of false reports given to an authority and simulation tests.

Investigations by what happened on 12 December which killed two students from the Normal School Ayotzinapa are contained in 48 volumes and include ministerial and expert performance in areas such as forensic medicine, forensic field and fires and explosions, among others.

In addition there have been 215 witnesses who provided evidence and investigations by the Federal Police and 280 Ministerial statements about this case.

Thus, the federal prosecutor credited the commission of federal crimes and local state attorney sent the file so that it commits the crimes of murder and attempted murder.

Also for the crimes of concealment, false statements to an authority, against the administration of justice, illegal deprivation of liberty, and items stolen vehicle, injury, damage to property and abuse of authority against the person or persons arising responsible.

While the PGR continues to investigate, among other crimes under federal jurisdiction, the cartridge holding and carrying a firearm exclusive use of the armed forces, abuse of authority and torture, also against the person or persons responsible “without distinction of order of government to which they belong. “

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