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Childrens day in Acapulco 299 people food poisoned in Guerrero

Children and adults were poisoned by eating Food last Friday during the celebration of Children’s Day at school

food poisoned 299 people in Guerrero

food poisoned 299 people in Guerrero

ACAPULCO, April 30. – On Monday, after taking stock of people who were infected with their stomachs after eating food at the child’s day celebration at a school John R Escudero in the community of the organs, health officials announced there were 285 children and 14 adults who had symptoms of fever, vomiting and diarrhea.

The health sector pointed out that most of them have already been discharged and only 83 children remain hospitalized for observation, most patients were treated at the hospital Renaissance City, General Hospital Ruiz Cortines, ISSSTE, the health center the bodies, and others in clinics and private practices.

Children and adults were poisoned by eating last Friday during the celebration of Children’s Day at school John R Escudero community for the bodies, first poisoned children began to appear from Friday night, then Saturday and Sunday there were more cases to be the figure on Monday afternoon in 299 people affected.

The health secretary Guerrero reiterated that all families pay medical expenses generated by this contingency. It also asked people who were discharged in the event of new symptoms come immediately to public health hospitals.

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