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Russian man lives to walk away!

Lives to walk away

Lives to walk away

In Russia a man born again. In a video you can see how the pedestrian attempting to cross the highway recklessly tries to avoid on-coming traffic on one avenue, running from side to side of the street.

When passing a vehicle, which his passenger recorded the video, the man did not notice that another car exceeded at full speed, trying to stop, but it was not enough, the right mirror of the car struck the pedestrian who fell in the middle of the road .

Miraculously, the man gets up and returns to the side of the highway

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El Paso- Two 11 years old girls run over crossing the street illegally at school

Two 11 years old girls run over crossing the street illegally at school,

The risk taken by, two 11 years old girls caused them to be run over and one killed yesterday afternoon when they crossed the street from their school on the east side of town. One of them was killed and the other was hospitalized at press time. According to reports from the Police Department, the incident occurred at 16:24 hours on Tuesday at the intersection of Lee and Edgmere, opposite Bill Sybert School, when three children ran across the street despite a pedestrian signal that

Two 11 years old girls run over crossing the street illegally at school

Two 11 years old girls run over crossing the street illegally at school

prohibits it.

 Javier Sambrano, a police spokesman said reports indicated that the children ran to reach the other side of the street. But at that time a Chevrolet pickup truck traveling south on Edgemere Street, with the green light. The driver failed to slow down and dodge the minors and hit two girls 11 years old.

Both were rushed to University Medical Center, where one died. The other was being treated at press time, although Sambrano said knowing the exact condition of the girl, explained that she was stable.

“The driver of the truck remained at the scene, and talked with him and witnesses, and so far no there is intention to bring charges against him, “Sambrano said.” He was in the right, with the green light, and unfortunately could not stop in time.”

During last night the authorities diverted all traffic and remained in place while carrying out the Investigation. Daniel Escobar, a spokesman for District Socorro Independent School, an entity that owns the Bill Sybert School, confirmed that the young girls are students of the institution.

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