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Our children are not safe! Predators are everywhere!

Prosecutors said Victor Salazar molested children in his office when they called their families in Latin America

SANTA ANA, California, USA. – A former child therapist was accused of molesting three young immigrants in California, authorities said Wednesday in Orange County.

Our children are not safe!

Our children are not safe! Predators are everwhere!

Prosecutors told a jury that Victor Salazar found guilty of four felonies against a minor and two misdemeanor counts of sexual offenses.

Authorities said Salazar worked as a case manager at the Florence Crittenton group home in Fullerton. The institution provides shelter for children living without parents, either because they were deported or because the children came alone to America.

Prosecutors said Salazar molested children in his office between May 2007 and February 2008 when they used the telephone to call their families in Latin America.

The defendant’s attorney, Lisa Eyanson, told jurors that his client never intended sexual physical contact with minors.

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