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Seventeen people, all Hispanic, were arrested today accused of Drug Trafficking

Map of some major area codes in Greater Los An...

Map of some major area codes in Greater Los Angeles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Captured 17 people in Los Angeles to introduce drugs in Mexico

As reported by the prosecution, the federal authorities rushed a dozen raids in different parts of Southern California

Seventeen people, all Hispanic, were arrested today accused of involvement in a drug trafficking ring in the country to introduce large quantities of cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine from Mexico.

As reported by the prosecution, the federal authorities rushed a dozen raids in different parts of Southern California in an operation against a network that illegally imported drugs into Los Angeles.

Those mentioned as network leaders were arrested today as a result of research over the past three weeks achieved the seizure of 60 kilos of methamphetamine, cocaine and 15 $ 100,000 cash.

“This research has dealt a blow to a trafficking network that we have introduced significant quantities of cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine high quality to the Los Angeles area,” he said in a statement Claude Arnold, special agent in charge of Safety Research National (HSI, in English).

The indictment points to the existence of four drug distribution cells, one of which was directed by Gerardo Gaytan Celis, 41, who operated the service Campos Auto Repair in North Hollywood.

Investigators intercepted and recorded telephone calls that discussed on shipments of heroin and other drugs, brought illegally from Mexico in vehicles that had been fitted with secret compartments in this workshop.

In another conversation, according to the prosecution, agreed with Jose Gaytan Celis Daniel López-36 U.S. citizen living in Mexico-a shipment of heroin hidden in silicone tubes.

Lopez, who operates a business in Chula Vista masonry is accused of being one of the suppliers of Celis Gaytan and help launder money from the drug sales operations.

Another place where raids were conducted today was The House of Tacos, in Van Nuys, a restaurant operated by Gregorio Martinez Rios, 42, who is accused of drug use as a reservoir to supply cocaine and Gaytan.

Murillo was also detained Roberto Sanchez, 50, who is accused of producing methamphetamine at his home in Palmdale and supplying drugs to various members of the network.

Of the 43 defendants in this operation (including the 17 arrested today), four are being held in San Diego and authorities continue to search for 22, it is believed that most are in Mexico.

The operation was the result of a 10-month investigation that also participated in the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Torrance Police Department and the Internal Revenue Service.

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La Familia Cartel gang members accused in the U.S. of drug trafficking

Members of La Familia cartel accused in the U.S. for drug trafficking

More than two dozen people were indicted for sending methamphetamine from Mexico to southern California

La Familia cartel is charged with drug trafficking in the USA

More than two dozen people were indicted for being part of an organization that shipped methamphetamine from Mexico to Southern California, authorities said Thursday.

Sixteen of the 27 people facing conspiracy charges related to drugs were arrested Thursday as part of an investigation that began 16 months ago. In case of being convicted, face a minimum sentence of ten years in prison, while those who are charged with other drug-related charges could receive up to life imprisonment.

The organization involving members of La Familia cartel, which operates primarily in the Mexican state of Michoacán, and members of two criminal organizations Latinas in Southern California, authorities said.

Methamphetamine was imported in liquid or unfinished and then was crystallized, a step called “frosting”, the researchers said.

Jose Juan Garcia Barron, 33, of Ontario, controlled shipments by air, sea and land through the border between Mexico and the United States, said the feds.

The drug sold in the county of Los Angeles gang members or their associates, who gave a portion of the proceeds to the Mexican Mafia gang in exchange for protection, authorities said.

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ICE agent killed in Federal Building!

ICE Agent killed in Federal Building
ICE Agent killed in Federal Building

An agent with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, shot two colleagues Thursday evening, killing one, at a federal building in Southern California, local news outlets report.

Police officers responded to the federal building in downtown Long Beach around 5:50 p.m. local time, the local CBS affiliate reported, after a report of shots fired on the seventh floor.

One of the victims possibly was shot in the stomach, though the extent of injuries have yet to be confirmed.

The nature of the shooting couldn’t be immediately confirmed, but KABC and the CBS affiliate both said an ICE agent is suspected. KABC-TV reports that the shooter is in custody, while KTLA reports the shooter is dead.

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