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MEXICO CITY – Organized crime moves $ 2.1 trillion per year

The UN says that crime manages funds compared to major world economies

MEXICO CITY - Organized crime moves $ 2.1 trillion per year

MEXICO CITY - Organized crime moves $ 2.1 trillion per year

Organized crime moves 2.1 trillion$ per year, equivalent to 3.6% of gross domestic product (GDP), and the problem may continue to increase, said  a senior UN official (UN) yesterday.

“That makes the criminal business one of the largest economies in the world, one of the top 20 economies,” said the director of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Yuri Fedotov, who described the organizations criminals as a threat to security and economic development.

The official explained that some 40 billion dollars are lost annually to corruption in developing countries and obtained a 32 billion each year for human trafficking.

Narco get 3.6% of global wealth

United Nations recognizes that the problem is growing to developing countries

Organised crime moves per year $ 2.1 trillion, equivalent to 3.6 percent of world GDP, and the problem may continue to increase, said yesterday the head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Yuri Fedotov.

“That makes the criminal business in one of the largest economies in the world, one of the top 20 economies,” he said.

The figure was first calculated by the World Bank and UNODC based on 2009 data.

Fedotov said that still there is no other data with which to make comparisons.

During the opening of a meeting of the International Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ), Fedotov said that the situation may be worsening, but “to substantiate this impression we need more information,” he said.

The UN representative said that at least 40 billion dollars are lost annually to corruption in developing countries and obtained a 32 billion each year for human trafficking.

“According to some estimates, some 2.4 million people suffer from the problem of human trafficking,” said the director of international organization as part of his speech.

Violence disrupts social development

There are other high-impact illicit generate enormous amounts of wealth, and also affect the countries’ social growth.

Organized crime, trafficking, violence and corruption are big “impediments” to the Millennium Development Goals, targets set by the international community to improve health and reduce poverty.

“Criminal groups have shown an impressive ability to adapt to circumvent the law and seek new business opportunities,” said Brian Nichols, the Office of Narcotics and Law Enforcement at the meeting that began yesterday in Vienna.

“Today, most criminal organizations are not like the hierarchical family groups of organized crime in the past. Now consist of flexible and informal networks, often converge when it is convenient and participate in a wide range of criminal activities, “he said.

US, site traffic in latin America

In March 2009, the Bureau of International Narcotics Department of State, U.S., said about 150,000 people participates in illegal activities by moving capital to 25 billion dollars.

At least 90 percent of the cocaine reaching the United States passes through Mexico from South America, according to the American request.

In recent years, America has been sentenced to two thousand 300 persons and entities associated with Latin American drug money laundering, “he said in October 2011 Daniel L. Glaser, Assistant Treasury Secretary for Terrorism, during a meeting organized by the Committee of Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives.

US commitment to security resources to Chihuahua

The U.S. government gave the state of Chihuahua equipment and supplies to combat crime and organized crime within the bilateral cooperation program Merida, worth more than $ 543 000.

The Consul General of that country, Thomas Rogan, said the delivery of this equipment is a sign of cooperation that Mexico and the U.S. have in relation to security of both nations, and a recognition of the Chihuahua state government for his fight organized crime.

“We are working with Mexico to combat drug trafficking and organized crime. One goal this year is to bring the Merida Initiative resources to state and local governments faced every day with organized crime, “said Consul Rogan.

He explained that given two microscopes to identify ballistic elements used in drug-related homicides. Also they distributed machinery to take and compare fingerprints of detainees.

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Mexico, Starvation causes more deaths than the drug cartels

MEXICO CITY, Feb. 19. – In Mexico there are more deaths from starvation than caused by the clashes between drug traffickers, according to figures reported from 2001 to 2010.

Starvation in Mexico causes more deaths than Drug cartels
Starvation in Mexico causes more deaths than Drug cartels

According to the Center for Studies on Research in Development and Social Welfare (CEIDAS), and based on data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), in that period 85,343 people died from malnutrition, compared to 49,804 victims by organized crime. Which are the figures that show that deaths from hunger in the last decade are higher by 35,539 compared to those caused by the cartels.

In this regard, the director of CEIDAS, Mario Luis Fuentes, told Excelsior that “there are 12 million Mexicans who do not have enough income to buy basic food basket,” so that “if you do not die from malnutrition, die from diseases generated by it “.

In turn, the UNAM researcher Gustavo Gordillo, who was undersecretary of agriculture in the 90’s, said the problem is not lack of funds, but the “fragmentation” and incoordination of the three levels of government to implement programs social.

He also outlined the difficulties in food started with the reduction of farm subsidies and the drop in production in 1965.

Thus, extreme poverty and limited access to food should be served immediately, sources noted.

Hunger kills more than 35 000 violence

Mexico has faced the loss of 49,804 Mexicans between 2001 and 2010, who died in clashes between drug traffickers, according to data from the PGR and the Chamber of Deputies, but there is a reality that began more lives in the same period: malnutrition, as 85,343 Mexicans died from this cause in the same period, according to data from the Center for Studies and Research in Development and Social Welfare (CEIDAS) and the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI).

At home, the majority of violent deaths appear in the media, are visible, but the 85,343 deaths from malnutrition are barely visible. The phenomenon just jumped to the media with famine suffered by rarámuri in Chihuahua, but for experts is just the first symptom of a national emergency.

“There are 12 million Mexicans who do not have enough income to buy basic food basket,” said Excelsior Mario Luis Fuentes, director of CEIDAS: “If you do not die from malnutrition, die from the disease generated by it,” said the specialist, who also is a researcher and professor at the UNAM.

Extreme poverty and limited access to food is not a blip. It is already a reality in 339 municipalities said Fuentes, for whom this fact shows that “requires a thorough review of all social policy to create a proposal to generate equity. We need a new social covenant established guarantees that meet the rights of the people, “he said.

Sources said that hunger is not only from lack of food, carbohydrates and proteins, “It is also a lack of water means dirt floors, lack of drainage has to do with the care of the household heads, their ability to protect the most vulnerable children, “he said.

In contrast, although the war on drugs has brought an increase of deaths in the past, the figure still does not compare to the famine suffered by some municipalities.

Malnutrition and poverty

For Mario Luis Fuentes, the neglect of the field adds the fragmentation and lack of coordination of social policies. He also stressed that the federal government has no effective mechanism to force states and municipalities to realize what they do with the budget for social spending.

In addition to the crisis in the country and droughts linked to climate change, “there is impairment in social, generated by fragmentation of social programs, the state is responsible because it has the worst service in the places most vulnerable, with less coverage with poorer ability or quality.”

Sources said there was a huge inequality in the Mexican State: “The most in need, have the worst services. The problem today may be emblematic rarámuri in Chihuahua, but there are 339 municipalities where more than 50 percent of the population lives in poverty. We’re talking about people who live daily hunger, “he said. In these municipalities, the indigenous population is particularly affected, it is the people living in remote areas, reported worse with less access to basic services.

The investigator noted that the health INEGI figures state that on average each year die from malnutrition eight thousand Mexicans and from 2001 to 2010 it was 85 000 343 deaths by this factor.

Sources believed that federal officials believe that social policy is correct, that programs are having a real impact on the welfare of the population, although not quite true.

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