Joaquin El Chapo Guzman dominates, distribution of drugs in America!

07 Oct
Joaquin Guzman,

Joaquin Guzman, Holding his "little Mary!"

Mexican drug cartels dominate the supply, trafficking and distribution of drugs in America, their power is consolidated by partnering with local gangs and the threat “will not reduce short-term and may increase” in the coming years, recognizes the U.S. Justice Department.

In the National Assessment of Drug Threat 2011 also accepted that seven cartels operating in its territory, but the organization of Joaquin El Chapo Guzman is hegemonic, as the Sinaloa cartel has a presence in all regions of the United States.

The assessment, prepared by the Centre National Drug Intelligence (NDIC), notes that Mexican criminal groups has gained advantage over other organizations and are more “competitive” market for cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines and heroin.

The analysis, which is made with federal intelligence documents and reports of almost 3000 local agencies throughout the United States, exposing the level they have reached the Mexican drug traffickers in that country, ahead of other organizations such as Colombian, Dominican and Asian .

It details the Sinaloa cartel, Los Zetas, the Gulf, Juarez, La Familia de Tijuana and the Beltran Leyva star in a struggle for control of lucrative smuggling corridors that lead to the U.S., which has sparked levels of unprecedented violence in Mexico.

All these organizations operate on U.S. soil, although the group led by El Chapo Guzman is the most important because it has established an extensive and sophisticated network of drug distribution “in all regions of the United States”, and has cells provide storage, transportation and security for their shipments.

The Sinaloa cartel is “particularly dominant” because it is one of the few organizations that can bring tons of cocaine from South America and produce large quantities of heroin, marijuana and methamphetamine, the report said.

Control factors

Members and collaborators of the Gulf and Juarez cartels are in six regions of the country, while the Zetas have a presence in four areas; The Beltran Leyva family and operate in the Southeast and Southwest, along the border.

These cartels and their associates “dominate the operations of most illicit drugs in the United States, control much of the production, transportation and wholesale and distribution of illegal drugs,” the report said.

“The prominence of these organizations stems from a competitive advantage”, which is based on several factors, such as access and control of smuggling routes across the border and the ability to produce, transport and distribute almost all drugs illegal in demand in thousands of U.S. cities, it added.

The Clearinghouse provides that “it is unlikely that these advantages have a significant change in the short term, which ensures a command of the Mexican cartels at least for the next years.”

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