Jesús Antonio Parra Camargo, also known as Tony “El Condor”, captured!

16 Oct

What began as a police pursuit of suspects involved in the shooting death this past Wednesday morning of a 57-year-old real estate agent in the Baja California capitol of Mexicali led to arrest of a cell of Sinaloa cartel sicarios led by an ex special forces (GAFE) soldier and the seizure of about 626 kilos of drugs.

 According to authorities, the group that was captured was one of four active cells that protect the Mexicali plaza for the Sinaloa cartel and are involved in murders, collections, and security for drug shipments being smuggled into the United States.

The Mexicali plaza is under the command of Gonzalo Inzunza “El Machoprieto”, a high level Sinaloa cartel operative.

The four men and one woman arrested for suspicion of involvement in the slaying of the real estate agent, María Martha Fernández Maldonado, were identified as Jaziel Cárdenas García, 25 year old originally from Sinaloa; Adolfo Higuera Sánchez, 26 year old from Mexicali; Jesús Antonio Parra Camargo, 36 year old from Ciudad Obregón, Sonora; Cristian Hernández Araiza, 27 year old from Sinaloa, and Liliana Jacqueline Castro Contreras, 24 year old from Valle de la Trinidad.

Jesús Antonio Parra Camargo, also known as Tony “El Condor”, is an ex GAFE soldier that led the cell, one of about 20 Sinaloa cartel professional hit men active in Mexicali.

After their initial interrogation authorities stated that the cell members revealed information that led to the seizure Thursday of 2.7 kilograms of heroin, 218.5 kilograms of cocaine and 405.7 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine. The drugs were located in two different safehouses in Mexicali.

The suspects also revealed to authorities that orders to execute Ms Fernandez Maldonado came from the highest levels of the Sinaloa cartel. Ms Fernandez Maldonado had apparently sold 11 homes to representatives of the Sinaloa cartel to be used as safe houses and drug storage locations and was ordered executed to prevent the information from falling into the hands of authorities or rival cartels.

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