Executed By CT in Apatzingán

24 Oct
Man lives and dies by his actions!

Man lives and dies by his actions!

A couple of day ago the bodies of three men were found next to a Coca Cola manufacturing plant in Apatzingán, Michoacan. The victims all had visible signs of being tortured, a knife through their chest and were left sitting on white plastic chairs.

The victims had their hands tied behind their backs, their eyes were blindfolded and all the victims appeared to have been shot in the forehead. Next to them was a narco-banner that had a logo commonly used by Los Caballeros Templarios.

“Man lives and dies according to his behavior and his actions, as it is reflected now in this case.”

Authorities were not able to identify the victims during the discovery, but they did recover at the scene a magazine for a 10mm firearm.

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