women in organized crime and drug trafficking; Mexico!

25 Oct


Women in Crime

Women in Crime

The participation of women in organized crime and drug trafficking, either as “heads” or hired leaders, has increasingly becoming more important.

The same is true internationally. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA, for its acronym in English) has two Mexican in its list of the most popular. Of 36 identified by the U.S. government, Elizabeth Elvira Garza and Arroyo were identified as “extremely dangerous” and place them as operators of drug cartels.

Elizabeth Elvira Garza was also recorded in the EU’s 15 most wanted criminals in the world.

The Mexican government, has a reward system set up by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) which provides up to 15 million pesos for women who are accused of being part of organizations dedicated to drug trafficking, kidnapping and trafficking in people.

The list of women drug traffickers in Mexico is headed by Enedina Arellano Felix, the first to have led a cartel in the country.

She is one of the worlds’ most sought leader, of the Tijuana cartel, after his brothers were captured. Today, his son Fernando Sanchez Arellano, according to the PGR, serves as the main operator, along with his mother, of that criminal organization.

It also seeks to apprehend the Mexican government officials which have been directly involved in criminal acts, such as call Güera Loca or La Guera , alleged head of the Gulf cartel hit men and who appears in several videos on internet beheadings of alleged Zetas Former members of the same Gulf Cartel.

According to the PGR, the others sought are Beba and the Kitty , concerning the death of 52 people in the fire of Casino Royale. Of these, it is known that, besides being romantic partners the square heads of Los Zetas , are actively involved as leaders in municipalities of Nuevo Leon. The federal agency offers up to 15 million pesos to anyone provide information Beba.


Rosario Perez Perez also stressed the heirs, who shared the leadership of a kidnapping gang called The “Stud.” According to official information, was put in charge of the hostages and kept them in cages. Authorities say the victims were beaten and then videos were sent to their families.

Murgía Patricia Ibarra was also placed on the list of most wanted. An award is offered upto ten million pesos. He is accused of organized crime and trafficking, crimes for which were committed are  also sought Barroso Vanessa Mosqueda “The Parkay,” Kenya Rocío Alarcón Priego, Blanca Estela Valverde Corner Braulia Yanez and Vilchis.

Accused of murder and considered very dangerous, they are also persecuted by law Jasso Alma Rosa Pacheco and Jenny Denise Heredia Gijón.

Highlight tab Catalina Hernández Alcántara. She is part of the list of most wanted criminals, even the Mexican government requested his arrest internationally through Interpol, it is related to fraud billionaires People’s Savings Mexiquense.

The DEA, however, has included the Elizabeth Garza of Mexico in the top 15 of the world’s most dangerous criminals. This woman, who was born on October 15, 1940, and is accused of bringing large quantities of cocaine into the United States. She is considered the oldest woman identified as a fugitive.

Trained women

Previously, the participation of women in organized crime syndicates and drug traffickers in Mexico were limited to activities of administration, accounting, information, co-opting of public officials or informants, even spies.

However, the authorities began to discover in 2009 involving them more actively. In that year, the Attorney General began investigating a group known as The Panthers, a group of killer cells and leaders.

A protected witness identified as the Smurf, according to statements in the preliminary settled PGR/SIEDO/UEIDCS/051/2009, noted the existence of that criminal group that was trained so that they would act as heads of square.

At the end of 2010, investigations resulted in a further aspect of the criminal group for women using children as killers. They were called “The Cubs.”

The PGR, along Rewards System, has conducted several studies on women’s participation in murder, it was discovered that the Panthers are one aspect of Los Zetas, also there is a rival group, the Hyenas, which belongs to the cartel Gulf, and The Aztecs , the Juarez cartel.

Women in the drug business up until 2008, played three key roles in repositioning cartels generated by the uncontrolled growth of criminal organizations.

First, they act as mediators of links and organizations, and second, are responsible for managing and distributing product resources and traffic of drugs, and third, are responsible for support, restructuring and achieving cohesion of the family structure and economic criminal when their couples are detained by authorities or killed in a clash with rivals or against authority.

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