Americo Orlando Soto Reyes, alias El Junior , and Saul Becerra Reyes, aka Pelon or The Twisty; arrested

27 Oct
Los Zetas arrested!

Los Zetas arrested!

MEXICO CITY, Oct. 27 .- Members of the Mexican army arrested four people allegedly involved in the attack of Casino Royale in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, including two minors, reported the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) .

Two of the detainees, members of the criminal group Los Zetas , were presented this morning by officers of the army in Monterrey, and identified as Americo Orlando Soto Reyes, alias El Junior , and Saul Becerra Reyes, aka Pelon or The Twisty.

It is said that in the attack one served as a guard, was barricaded on Gonzalitos Avenue. Both were arrested in possession of a rifle, boots, rounds of ammunition and doses of marijuana.

The military authorities for these people stated that the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) offered a reward of up to 15 million pesos, but did not clarify under what conditions they were arrested.

They explained that the arrest was carried out by military members with jurisdiction to the Command of Military Region IV, within the framework of the Mexican State‘s Comprehensive Strategy Against Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime.

It was stated that one of the two juvenile detainees, identity was not revealed, had been arrested for the same offense on 18 September, but was released after serving an administrative penalty.

In total, the attack that killed 52 people in Casino Royale, 17 people are arrested and is awaiting the capture of “other stakeholders”, according to the military part.

The detainees and confiscated materials were made available to the competent authorities for criminal liability farms.

All information of the attack on the Special Coverage: Attack on Monterrey

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