Mexican authorities rescued three women-forced into prostitution, by two men!

29 Oct
These two men-Forced victimes into Prostitution!

These two men-Forced victimes into Prostitution!

The Attorney General of the Federal District (PGJDF) rescued three women who were forced into prostitution in the areas of Sullivan and La Merced and captured two men who shall be earmarked in the coming hours.

At a press conference the head of the agency, Miguel Angel Mancera, said those arrested are; Jonathan Luciano Valenzuela and Ricardo Juarez Bautista Jimenez, who are likely responsible for the crimes of human trafficking, corruption of minors and procuring.

He noted that one of the minor victims a native of Veracruz, was brought against her will to Mexico City in February, after a brief stay in Puebla, where she was raped by Bautista Valenzuela.

The victim also said that the subject was prostituted for 50 days in a hotel located on Sullivan Street and that three thousand or four thousand dollars was obtained daily and then was locked in a hotel in Colonia Morelos.

The victim said that once she sought to escape the hotel, but was discovered by Luciano Juarez, who over-powered her and forced her into one of the rooms, where Ricardo Bautista hit her and threatened to murder her if she tried to escape again.

The complainant said that in recent days she could escape and return to her home, when they were taken to Puebla to mark the birthday of Baptist Valenzuela, who beat them when he was drunk, with the phone and started to annoy the family and companions of the victim.

Mancera Espinosa said that by arresting the two alleged perpetrators, the elements of the Investigation Police rescued the other two victims, aged 20 and 25 years of age, same as formalized their complaint against Ricardo Bautista for the crime of pandering.

A prostitute who was held for three years in various hotels in La Merced, and Sullivan, paid two thousand dollars daily to Jonathan Bautista.

The other said she met this guy a year ago and since then he forced her into sex-service and at the end of each day she turned over two thousand 500 pesos a day.

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