Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, “The Z-40,” El Judas!!

30 Oct


Miguel-Trevino-Morales "El Judas!"

Miguel-Trevino-Morales "El Judas!"

When Zeta boss Enrique Rejon Aguilar, “El Mamito” was arrested on July 5, he told the authorities that those who betray once, will betray twice.

He gave this response when he was asked why he did not helped Jose de Jesus Mendez Vargas, alias “El Chango” Mendez, the boss of La Familia, who sought an alliance with Los Zetas. This means that Los Zetas never had the intentions of Alligning with “El Chango” as he was not trusted, once the enemy, always the enemy.

But the words of “El Mamito” also seemed to be a message sent directly to his own organization.

Because just last August, the Zetas uploaded a video on YouTube in which they accuse Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, “The Z-40,” of being a traitor.

But not only do they accuse the second in command of Los Zetas as a traitor who has delivered several powerful Zeta bosses, but they also accuse “Z-40” of attempting to move up further the hierarchy and the only one above him is Heriberto Lazcano, “El Lazca”.

Therefore, bosses of Zeta cells think that Treviño Morales will eventually seek to kill or deliver “El Lazca” to authorities, making him the top capo.

They think of Miguel Angel Trevino Morales as a “Judas”.

In the video, they ask its leader, “El Lazca” to ask himself why so many high-ranking Zetas have been apprehended by the federal Public Security Secretariat without firing a single shot.

On the Youtube video they allege that many, from “El Hummer” to “El Mamito” have been delivered to authorities by Treviño Morales, “El Z-40.”

They also say that Z-40 turned over those Zeta bosses because they were in his way to continue moving up the power in the organization.

The Zetas have said that he has ordered everyone to have a cell phone for private communication, but in reality is a form of locating them via satellite (GPRS).

Even in the video it indicates that it was Treviño Morales, the second in command of Los Zetas, who received the nod to approach Jose de Jesus Mendez Vargas, alias “El Chango Méndez”, leader of the Familia Michoacana.

But once the Michoacan drug trafficker traveled from the town of Cosio, in Aguascalientes, “Z-40” betrayed him by giving out his location to the Federal Public Security Secretariat.

In fact, they said Treviño Morales is a faithful friend of “Los Smurfs” a name givent to the federal police.

People have rumored that since 2010 “El Z-40” has been a traitor responsible for the death of Efraín Teodoro Torres, “El Z-14”, a powerful hit man and the last of the 14 former soldiers and founders of Los Zetas.

This is the corrido supposedly made by members of the Zetas organized crime:

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