five suspected cartel hit-men allegedly “Knights Templar” died in a shootout

31 Oct
"Knights Templar

"Knights Templar

At least five suspected cartel hit-men allegedly “Knights Templar” died in a shootout with the Mexican Army in the state of Michoacán in southwestern Mexico, officials said.

The 21 Military Zone, headquartered in the state, said this morning, after a clash with army personnel killed four men with assault rifles attacked a military convoy on a road Tuzantla Township, north of Michoacán .

According to the official report, the alleged gunmen traveling in three vehicles, two vans and car, they were labeled with the name of the criminal organization, and where they traveled the least ten gunmen managed to escape and left four AK-47 automatic rifles and AR -15, and a grenade.

In another development, another alleged gunman died when he and other accomplices faced with the military dead in the municipality of Benito Juarez, which borders Tuzantla.

In this confrontation, the military managed to free a man who held the aforementioned criminal group kidnapped.

Also, military personnel seized four trucks, all with logos of the Knights Templar.

Since last Friday total 21 suspected gunmen of the group of the “Knights Templar” who have died in clashes with soldiers in different parts of Michoacan, just 14 days after the state elections to renew the government, 113 municipalities and 40 local deputies

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