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“El Comandante”, by “The Hand with Eyes”, and “warts” in Central Cartel; El Chapo?

El chapo guzman
El chapo guzman

The place is Cualiacán, Sinaloa , the date January 21, 2008, both elements have to do with the map of the distribution of drugs in the state of Mexico and the emergence of criminal cells and a series of violent acts in this state the center the country.

The day that  Alfredo Beltran Leyva  alias ” El Mochomo ” was caught at #123 Avenida Juan de la Barrera in the city of Cualiacán, Sinaloa, thus this family alliance with the organization of “El Chapo” Guzman was concluded, the drug violence escalated in Sinaloa .

After the fall of “Mochomo”, one of its top leaders, now this criminal organization forward Arturo Beltran, who died a year after his brother, the organization increased its presence in the downtown area of the Republic, especially in Morelos , Federal District and of course in the state of Mexico .

In this latter entity where it was revealed recently by the statements of Adrian Ramirez Soria “The Mushroom” to the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (PGJEM) , who held talks with Arturo Beltran “La Familia Michoacana ” control distribution of drugs in the state mexiquense.

Apparently the reason for the negotiations was to avoid confrontation between the two groups with a well-defined map of the distribution of stupefaction.

However, negotiations broke down when some members of the family refused the request for Beltran to stop extortion and kidnapping, according to the statements of “H”.

The Beltran Leyva took place as head of the state of Mexico Raúl Villa Ortega, alias “R”, who is identified as the author of the worst slaughter took place in the State of Mexico, when in September 2008 killed 24 people, whose bodies were found in an area close to La Marquesa.

Another of the leading figures of this organization is Gerardo Alvarez Vazquez, alias “El Indio” who controlled until his arrest in April 2010 by the National Defense Secretariat (SEDENA) , drug distribution and Huixquilucan Naucalpan .

One of the bloodiest square heads of the cartel of the Beltran Leyva and presence in the state of Mexico was Edgar Valdes Villarreal, alias “Barbie”, who was present in crime in Morelos, Guerrero, Sinaloa, Mexico state.

The list of operators of this organization in the State of Mexico joins Oscar Osvaldo Garcia Montoya, “The Compayito” , who was a bodyguard of Arturo Beltran, chief henchmen “El Indio”.

The night “El Indio” was arrested, Garcia Montoya managed to escape the operation implemented by the Army. Freeing collaborated with “Barbie” until he was also arrested.

Then came a break in organizing the group headed “The Compayito”, the band dubbed “Hand to Eye” and a split led by Jorge Balderas Garza, alias “JJ“.

As a matter of “The Mushroom”, the band members of “JJ” preferred to join his cause and thus form the center poster, a rival organization of “The Hand with Eyes” and whose dispute has prompted some of the facts more violent and media in the entity.

The Attorney General of the State of Mexico managed to capture both criminal leaders, with this fact, the cartel that challenged a few years ago the lead organization “El Chapo” Guzman was broken into small cells.

State of Mexico officials said, are “El Comandante”, by “The Hand with Eyes”, and “warts” in Central Cartel, the heirs of the organization that wanted to control once the Edomex.

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armed Gunmen kill family of 5 in Sinaloa


murders in Sinaloa!
murders in Sinaloa!

CULIACÁN, November 4 .- A group of armed persons killed five members of a family in a mountainous area of western Mexico, authorities said Thursday the state of Sinaloa.

The Attorney General of Sinaloa said, three women a teenager and a child under seven years old died when gunmen ambushed them while traveling aboard a cargo truck on a dirt road in the village of El Rosario.

The prosecution said in a statement that police found 64 shell casings at the site of the attack. He said that so far no one has been arrested and the culprits are un identified, nor is it known why the attack happened on Wednesday. The state of Sinaloa in the west, is home to most of the drug lords of Mexico and know that their mountain areas are used for growing marijuana.

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Arizona caught drug smuggler with $1.6 million worth of heroin and meth! Sinaloa cartel?………..

caught with 1.6M$ in hand

caught with 1.6M$ in hand

$1.6 million worth of heroin and meth is photographed at a news conference Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2011 in Florence, Ariz. announcing the Arizona arrest of a drug smuggler for Mexico’s powerful Sinaloa cartel. Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu says that the man was caught Monday, two weeks after he was deported as part of a larger investigation into the cartel.

A drug cartel member who was deported to Mexico as part of a major smuggling bust announced this week in Arizona has already returned to the U.S. and been caught with $1.6 million worth of drugs — yet another example of how relentless and seemingly unstoppable Mexican cartels can be, officials said Tuesday.

Francisco Guillermo Morales Esquer, 36, was arrested Oct. 13 in one of three major busts that state and federal officials credited with dismantling the smuggling ring, which is believed to be tied to the Sinaloa cartel — Mexico’s most powerful.

The busts were announced Monday at a Phoenix news conference in which officials displayed hundreds of pounds of drugs and dozens of guns they had seized.

Morales’ arrest came about five hours later when a deputy clocked him driving at 50 mph in a 15 mph school zone in Stanfield, about 50 miles south of Phoenix. A chase ensued at speeds of up to 100 mph during which officials said Morales tried to hit a deputy who was putting down stop sticks.

The 3-mile chase ended in the desert after Morales crashed his car and jumped into an irrigation canal. After he was arrested, deputies found 80 pounds of white- and black-tar heroin and eight pounds of methamphetamine in the car.

Morales was booked on charges of drug smuggling, possession of drug paraphernalia, felony flight and aggravated assault. It’s unclear whether he had an attorney.

Catching Morales two weeks after he was arrested as part of the department’s larger bust involving the Sinaloa cartel was the height of irony, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu said at a Tuesday news conference.

“Here we strike a body blow on the Sinaloa cartel, (and) they’re still operating in a robust fashion,” he said. “They can regenerate immediately.”

 Although Morales was found in a home tied to the cartel during the Oct. 13 bust, he wasn’t identified as a main target of the investigation and prosecutors didn’t have enough to convict him, Babeu said. Guns were found in that home, but not drugs.

Although Babeu acknowledged that his agency was involved in the decision to turn over Morales to the Border Patrol, he said it was the federal government’s responsibility to prosecute him for felony re-entry into the U.S. because he had been deported at least once before. The fact that he wasn’t prosecuted shows that the law isn’t being enforced, he said.

“There’s no consequences,” he said.

Officials with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Border Patrol didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment Tuesday.

The long-term investigation of the Sinaloa cartel’s Arizona offshoot began in June 2010 after a traffic stop in Stanfield turned up 1,500 pounds of pot and a suspected smuggler began giving authorities information.

In three busts in September and October, ICE‘S Homeland Security Investigations and the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office arrested a total of 76 suspected smugglers, and seized more than 61,000 pounds of pot, about 160 pounds of heroin, about 210 pounds of cocaine, nearly $760,000 in cash, and 108 weapons, including assault rifles and shotguns.

The busts dismantled the ring, which they said was responsible for bringing more than $33 million worth of drugs through the state’s western desert every month for distribution nationwide, authorities said.

They believed the ring was in operation for at least five years and netted profits of $2.2 billion in that time.

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Negligence to be investigated in Monterrey casion fire! Who did it?

At the scene of Casino Fire!

At the scene of Casino Fire! Monterrey!

Monterrey .- The National Commission on Human Rights reaffirmed its commitment to crime victims and relatives of the attack on Casino Royale, to investigate what happened in order to determine responsibilities and not fall into what is known as re-victimization .

In a statement, reported in this case, the loss of life “is added the indolence of the authorities who have not yet located the public servants who allegedly breached a duty to supervise safety measures which should have the above local “.

Start an audit/investigation against former mayor of Monterrey

Mexico .- The Ministry of the Comptroller of New York, could open an audit by the mismanagement of state resources by the former mayor of Monterrey, Adalberto Madero Quiroga, provided that the Civic Council of the institutions present evidence against him.

This was stated by the Comptroller General, Jorge Manjarrez Rivera, who said it is possible to audit the income and expenses, but only in regard to the economic resources allocated state government administrative triennium Madero Quiroga.

“If they are the powers allowed by law to the Comptroller of course we would be obliged to enter, have a very specific responsibility.

We invite them to all intermediate bodies, all institutions, all citizens, who come with us, we talk on the phone now and corruptions, to Corrupnet (…) if they give us data receive and give them the processed properly, “he said to admonish the president of the private body, Miguel Treviño de Hoyos, to present evidence to support his statement.

Manjarrez Rivera endorsed by the Chamber of the Transformation Industry (CAINTRA) is aimed at creating an Anti-Corruption Commission to review various sectors of government, and that these actions are added to the call made during his second government report by the President Nuevo Leon, Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz.

“We will invite the CAINTRA to coordinate efforts and to consolidate this common front against corruption,” warning that the call should be to engage society and the private sector.

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Brazil’s Federal Police Ram; airplane of smuggled contraband!


Brazil’s Federal Police arrested a group allegedly trying to smuggle electronic equipment from Paraguay into northern Sao Paulo state, driving a police car into the wing of the suspects’ plane to stop it taking off.

Police seized the plane, which was filled with contraband electronics, and arrested five individuals, including the pilot. Over the past five years, authorities have seized 11 other aircraft suspected of carrying illegal goods in Ribeirao Preto, which lies in Sao Paolo state.

The operation was recorded on video from the police vehicle. As the smugglers became aware that Federal Police were in pursuit, they attempted to flee in the plane. However, the police car smashed into the wing of the aircraft, preventing them from taking off. Four passengers, as well as the pilot, were taken into custody.

Federal Police investigations into the so-called “hillbilly route,” which uses a sugarcane plantation as an off-loading point for smuggled goods, have been underway for a month. The contraband, which included 114 laptops, is valued at $200,000 dollars and suspected to have originated in Paraguay.

Drug and contraband smugglers have been targeted by authorities in Brazil and Paraguay under a bilateral security agreement established in June of this year.

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halcones of Tijuana; operate as indentured servants to organized crime!………..

Halcones- Juan Manuel Rodriguez  arrested!

Halcones- Juan Manuel Rodriguez arrested!

Juan Manuel Rodriquez, ‘El Sica’, arrested today in Tijuana, is accused of being a lookout for organized crime, operating in a criminal cell loyal to Fernando Sanchez Arellano, ‘El Ingeniero’. The 21 year old is also accused of a string of violent robberies targeting convenience stores, grocery shops, and banks. Authorities described ‘El Sica’ as an ‘important piece of a criminal cell’, I’d say just the opposite. ‘El Sica’ represents the lost youth of a generation in Tijuana, and all over Mexico, children who dedicate their lives to criminal organizations, because of economic hardship, or more material reasons. If the latter was the case for ‘Sica’, the life has certainly failed him, in that regard. It is noted that he received $500 a week for his services, a sum which I am skeptical off, if in US dollars. I’d guess a bottom level halcon like this, who was stealing from supermarkets would be worth 500 a week. In addition to this questionable fee, he received an ounce of crystal, of which he was likely a user, if not addict. The drugs could be used and sold, stringing him along in the criminal enterprise, not being skilled, or valuable enough to rise beyond his lowly position, as an errand boy, and accomplice to murder. Certainly the cell of ‘El Lic’, his alleged boss, will be able to move on without ‘El Sica’.

These halcones operate as practically indentured servants to organize crime, sacrificing everything for minimal pay and protection. These youth are pawns in scenarios far beyond their scope and level of knowledge, and either work with the facts of who and what they are, or go on, oblivious to them. In the ongoing battles for control in the city, these are the frontline soldiers, who are murdered, mutilated, and decorated with messages. When they are arrested they are linked to traffickers and cells, of which they likely had minimal to no knowledge of. Or perhaps, they sung the corridos of Engineer and CAF, raised their whiskeys in honor of the fallen fore fathers of their organization, and dreamed of prominence, kilos of cocaine and beach front estates, while walking the streets of Zona Norte, prowling Calle Coahuila , nextel in hand. Awaiting orders from above, while doing hand to hand drug deals, for less then $20 at a time, in back alleys and dingy strip bars.

In a fractured and devastated economy, organized crime and cartels is an option with Tijuana’s youth, families that thrived on the tourist industry find themselves crippled as tourism, at least with any profit as all but ceased in the city. I remember, in a different time, Revolucion filled with people, crowded nightclubs, with patrons stumbling out onto the streets, in the early morning hours. These streets are essentially deserted, the halcones and narcomenudistos outnumber the tourists. The only growing industry is the retail drug trade, which is at the heart of the executions and conflicts, providing employment to these children, for whom better options are almost nonexistent. It is easy for some to denounce these children, many far younger then Rodriquez, and cry for their death and punishment. I look at this face, and see someone, who would likely rob me in an instant, but also someone who probably never had much of chance in life, and who has reached the end of his. Halcones are practically the walking dead in Tijuana, but the corridos and crystal keep the hope alive, as they roam the streets, free and alive for another day.

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