“El Comandante”, by “The Hand with Eyes”, and “warts” in Central Cartel; El Chapo?

04 Nov
El chapo guzman
El chapo guzman

The place is Cualiacán, Sinaloa , the date January 21, 2008, both elements have to do with the map of the distribution of drugs in the state of Mexico and the emergence of criminal cells and a series of violent acts in this state the center the country.

The day that  Alfredo Beltran Leyva  alias ” El Mochomo ” was caught at #123 Avenida Juan de la Barrera in the city of Cualiacán, Sinaloa, thus this family alliance with the organization of “El Chapo” Guzman was concluded, the drug violence escalated in Sinaloa .

After the fall of “Mochomo”, one of its top leaders, now this criminal organization forward Arturo Beltran, who died a year after his brother, the organization increased its presence in the downtown area of the Republic, especially in Morelos , Federal District and of course in the state of Mexico .

In this latter entity where it was revealed recently by the statements of Adrian Ramirez Soria “The Mushroom” to the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (PGJEM) , who held talks with Arturo Beltran “La Familia Michoacana ” control distribution of drugs in the state mexiquense.

Apparently the reason for the negotiations was to avoid confrontation between the two groups with a well-defined map of the distribution of stupefaction.

However, negotiations broke down when some members of the family refused the request for Beltran to stop extortion and kidnapping, according to the statements of “H”.

The Beltran Leyva took place as head of the state of Mexico Raúl Villa Ortega, alias “R”, who is identified as the author of the worst slaughter took place in the State of Mexico, when in September 2008 killed 24 people, whose bodies were found in an area close to La Marquesa.

Another of the leading figures of this organization is Gerardo Alvarez Vazquez, alias “El Indio” who controlled until his arrest in April 2010 by the National Defense Secretariat (SEDENA) , drug distribution and Huixquilucan Naucalpan .

One of the bloodiest square heads of the cartel of the Beltran Leyva and presence in the state of Mexico was Edgar Valdes Villarreal, alias “Barbie”, who was present in crime in Morelos, Guerrero, Sinaloa, Mexico state.

The list of operators of this organization in the State of Mexico joins Oscar Osvaldo Garcia Montoya, “The Compayito” , who was a bodyguard of Arturo Beltran, chief henchmen “El Indio”.

The night “El Indio” was arrested, Garcia Montoya managed to escape the operation implemented by the Army. Freeing collaborated with “Barbie” until he was also arrested.

Then came a break in organizing the group headed “The Compayito”, the band dubbed “Hand to Eye” and a split led by Jorge Balderas Garza, alias “JJ“.

As a matter of “The Mushroom”, the band members of “JJ” preferred to join his cause and thus form the center poster, a rival organization of “The Hand with Eyes” and whose dispute has prompted some of the facts more violent and media in the entity.

The Attorney General of the State of Mexico managed to capture both criminal leaders, with this fact, the cartel that challenged a few years ago the lead organization “El Chapo” Guzman was broken into small cells.

State of Mexico officials said, are “El Comandante”, by “The Hand with Eyes”, and “warts” in Central Cartel, the heirs of the organization that wanted to control once the Edomex.

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