Negligence to be investigated in Monterrey casion fire! Who did it?

04 Nov
At the scene of Casino Fire!

At the scene of Casino Fire! Monterrey!

Monterrey .- The National Commission on Human Rights reaffirmed its commitment to crime victims and relatives of the attack on Casino Royale, to investigate what happened in order to determine responsibilities and not fall into what is known as re-victimization .

In a statement, reported in this case, the loss of life “is added the indolence of the authorities who have not yet located the public servants who allegedly breached a duty to supervise safety measures which should have the above local “.

Start an audit/investigation against former mayor of Monterrey

Mexico .- The Ministry of the Comptroller of New York, could open an audit by the mismanagement of state resources by the former mayor of Monterrey, Adalberto Madero Quiroga, provided that the Civic Council of the institutions present evidence against him.

This was stated by the Comptroller General, Jorge Manjarrez Rivera, who said it is possible to audit the income and expenses, but only in regard to the economic resources allocated state government administrative triennium Madero Quiroga.

“If they are the powers allowed by law to the Comptroller of course we would be obliged to enter, have a very specific responsibility.

We invite them to all intermediate bodies, all institutions, all citizens, who come with us, we talk on the phone now and corruptions, to Corrupnet (…) if they give us data receive and give them the processed properly, “he said to admonish the president of the private body, Miguel Treviño de Hoyos, to present evidence to support his statement.

Manjarrez Rivera endorsed by the Chamber of the Transformation Industry (CAINTRA) is aimed at creating an Anti-Corruption Commission to review various sectors of government, and that these actions are added to the call made during his second government report by the President Nuevo Leon, Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz.

“We will invite the CAINTRA to coordinate efforts and to consolidate this common front against corruption,” warning that the call should be to engage society and the private sector.

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