Ulysses Martinez Gonzalez, alias “The Mojo”, Killed; La Barbie?

05 Nov
wife of La Barbie- murdered

wife of La Barbie- murdered

The wife of Ulysses Martinez Gonzalez, alias “The Mojo“, one of the top lieutenants in Morelos, Edgar Valdes Villareal “La Barbie” was killed and her body abandoned on the highway sun, with three bullets in the back.

Six months ago, his girlfriend and head of the underworld in Morelos was shot by members of the Federal Police in an operation for his capture, which began and ended in the Carolina Tetela street in Colonia San Jeronimo.

The woman killed was identified as Jaime Jarumi of Rocio Rios, 24 years of age, which was thrown into the 96 km of the highway, headed for Mexico City, where the body lay near the shoulder area, apparently without signs of torture and shooting only on his back.

According to research conducted so far, “Mojo,” who had taken over the square supported by the Gulf cartel after the arrest of “La Barbie” begat a child with this woman for about three years.

On the day of violence all three people were executed on Friday, two of died in MexicoAcapulco and one was dismembered and their remains left one block from City Hall Jiutepec, where sits a criminal groups that dispute the Plaza de Morelos.

Around 05:00 hours, an armed commando opened fire on a truck traveling at 110 km height of the Mexico-Acapulco highway, the cab driver had more than 18 caliber bullet impacts of R-15.

Inside the cab driver died and two of his companions were injured, an ambulance arrived to the scene to treat the wounded and transporting them to hospital while the driver’s body was not moved since he died at the scene.

According to witnesses, the truck’s crew began to talk at the gas station Tabachines with the assassins, who discussed two cars and followed them to catch them and throw a burst of gunfire.

At the same time notice was given of a dismembered corpse, which was thrown into Guadalupe Victoria Street in the center of this town, which had a narcomensaje under the head of the person who had been murdered.

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