Hector Russell Rodríguez Báez, alias “El Toro, arrested in Mexico!

06 Nov
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Federal Police agents arrested in Mexico Hector Russell Rodríguez Báez, alias “El Toro”, the alleged leader of a cell of the drug cartel La Familia, after a confrontation in a municipality of metropolitan area of ​​Mexico City, officials said.

The Public Security Secretariat (SSP) said in a statement federal criminal group that his command “El Toro” was one of the “most violent operating in the State of Mexico” at the service of La Familia Michoacana.

The suspect, age 30, was arrested Friday in the town of Chalco after a raid by federal forces in which two criminals were killed.

The authorities accuse the detainee of control “the sale, distribution of drugs and extortion to collect business people” in that area.

According to research, Rodríguez Báez “organized and participated in the killing of people who did not meet the required payments,” the note.

The SSP said that the alleged criminal “was one of the first to join” the family in the State of Mexico, and allegedly participated in the “killing of more than 20 members of opposing groups.”

After a series of arrests of members of The Family in Mexico State, Federal Police located a home in New San Isidro district, in Chalco and spotted two armed persons, “when discovered attacked the troops with weapons fire and grenades. “

In the shooting death of the two assailants, and was arrested “El Toro” Aminadad with Heredia Juarez, alias “Oaxaca”, age 22, and Rosa Maria Villanueva Cano, 20.

Authorities seized a vehicle, and a short rifle, cartridges, a fragmentation grenade detonated, 24 plastic bags with marijuana, 18 cell phones, two mass storage devices and various documents.

The detainees were turned over to federal prosecutors.

The La Familia cartel, severely beaten by security forces, had split after the death in December 2010 by Nazario Moreno Gonzalez, alias “El Chayo” who led the organization with “El Chango Méndez”.

That internal struggle was born the Knights Templar criminal group, which has become the dominant drug trafficking organization in the state of Michoacan, which has forced the family to move to other states.

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