30 Underage and 25 adults (Alcohol) were arrested at party “RAVE”?

07 Nov
Party underage and alcohol

Party underage and alcohol

A total of 30 minors and 25 adults were arrested this morning while participating in a party type “rave”, celebrated in colonial places in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, located southeast of the city.

Inhabitants of that colony, particularly residents of Calle Mar del Fuego, reported to the Public Safety Department of the Municipality (SSPM) an outrageous party where minors were under the influence of alcohol.

University District Elements of the corporation are transferred to the address where the meeting took place, and proceeded to arrest 30 minors.

At the same site were arrested 25 adults, who were consigned to the Public Ministry on charges of Poor Child Training and they are, Municipal police said.

The SSPM said that the arrest of 55 people stemmed from the complaints of citizens in the sense that, in addition to the scandal-in the party and even in the street Mar del Fuego, had children, men and women, intoxicated .

The officers moved to the official units under the University District, where he attended most of those parents to seek their freedom.

However, juvenile detainees were transferred to the Coordination of Social Work at the SSPM, Babícora located in the District, where they were available to the department.

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