913 kilos 400 grams of marijuana found in an uderground cave; Tamaulipas!

08 Nov

Military Discovered Marijuana

The Mexican army seized nearly two tons of marijuana that was hidden in a Narcofosa (underground cave) in the municipality of Michael German, Tamaulipas .

The Ministry of National Defense (Sedena) through the Command of Military Region IV reported that the assurance was made when military personnel conducted ground surveys in vehicles and on foot, in the vicinity of the colony’s Presidents.

He noted that the sector, the militia found a building in which the naked eye was observed in the yard of it, masking tape watered and green grass residues issued with a characteristic odor to that of marijuana.

He stressed that the jurisdictional staff carried out a visual recognition to the building, where they located a hidden underground cave within 285 packages of marijuana.

The total weight was 913 kilos 400 grams of marijuana, valued at more than 145 million dollars if it had been sold at retail, said the Department of Defense.

He noted that these actions are performed by military personnel in the framework of the Mexican state‘s comprehensive strategy against drug trafficking and organized crime in the Northeast Operations

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