Alejandro Moreno Chavez, Gang Leader-The Hand with Eyes; arrested!

09 Nov
Moreno Chaves arrested

Bar-hopping Chaves arrested!

The Attorney General’s Office in the State of Mexico (PGJEM), in coordination with the Department of Public Safety (SSC), arrested the leader of the assassins of the criminal gang known as The Hand with Eyes , Alejandro Moreno Chavez.

During the presentation of the alleged gunman, known as The Alex , the state attorney, Alfredo Castillo, said that the prisoner acknowledged his involvement in 70 murders, 22 of which have taken place in 2011.

The state official explained that Chavez Moreno, 36, belonged to the structure of the criminal group of the Beltran Leyva brothers cartel aligned to the call center.

Later, when the group split after the antagonism of the Compayito and JJ, the detainee was named chief of hitmen Hand with Eyes, led by The Compayito, recently stopped.

Then, after the capture of the Compayito and JJ , it realigned with the fungus , but after the capture of the latter ‘s Alex, and without any leadership over him, planned to extend the control of the distribution of narcotics in the area Valley of central Mexico, particularly in Cuautitlan.

According to state Public Safety secretary, Salvador Neme, the arrest of the kingpin held in Cuautitlan, when he was in a bar accompanied by two suspects were also arrested narcomenudistas.

The detainee was responsible for leading several beheadings and fighting and killing several police officers of the State of Mexico.

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