Reward posted for Killer of Mayor of La Piedad, Ricardo Guzman Romero!

10 Nov


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The Attorney General of Mexico announced a reward of five million pesos ($385,000 USD) for information to locate and arrest the murderers of a mayor shot to death in the state of Michoacán.

The reward will be paid “to the person or persons provide reliable and useful information that contributes effectively, efficiently, effectively and promptly in the identification, location, arrest or detention of the alleged perpetrators,” prosecutors said.

The Mayor of La Piedad, Ricardo Guzman Romero, close to President Felipe Calderon was shot dead on November 2, on the eve of state elections next Sunday to renew governor, mayors and legislators.

The President’s sister, Maria Luisa Calderon launched as a favorite to become the next Governor.

The Governor of Mexico, Villegas Avila Eruviel condemned the attack against the mayor of La Piedad, Ricardo Guzman Romero.

During the swearing-in of Secretary of Public Safety in Toluca, expressed the solidarity of the State of Mexico to the family of the mayor “who unfortunately was killed yesterday in the state of Michoacán, Ricardo Guzman Romero, rest in peace.

“Expressing his family our respect and solidarity with the authorities in Michoacán, and especially of the Pieta.”

He said he deplores and condemns these acts, which he said threaten the country’s institutions and local levels.


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