Hugo Doria Ivan Santos, alias “The Monky” or “Handyman, Captured!

11 Nov
The Monky or Handyman?

The Monky or Handyman?

Soldiers from the Army captured Hugo Doria Ivan Santos, alias “The Monky” or “Handyman,” who he is accused with the attack on the Casino Royale and also one of the attackers that injured the Mayor of the municipality of Garcia , Jaime Rodriguez.

The capture of such person was held on Tuesday at the edge of 11:00 am in the colony Infonavit Valley, thanks to an anonymous call.

Military personnel reported that Santos Doria has engaged in ” halconeo “in the two events with which it is linked.

During the attack the center of gambling, which killed 52 people, the young man responsible for seeing that not approach police, at the time the attack was perpetrated.

During the ambush the Mayor of Garcia was responsible for giving notice of the passage of the van of the official and his bodyguards. On this occasion he was near a convenience store.

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