Mexican Senate asked; to extradite those responsible for Fast and Furious

11 Nov
Fast and Furious more guns!

Fast and Furious more guns!

The Mexican Senate of the Republic has asked the federal government to require its U.S. counterpart punished to the fullest extent of the law to those responsible for operating the “Fast and Furious” and “Wide Receiver” Weapons program!

This, to express its strong rejection of these operations for the transfer of weapons that U.S. government agencies orchestrated through the border with Mexico, since violate the principles of shared responsibility and full respect for the jurisdiction of each country.

Similarly, the Senate demanded that the Mexican government to integrate the preliminary investigation and appropriate judicial authorities those operations, to start the extradition of those responsible.

However, the full Senate commended the action taken by the U.S. President, Barak Obama, to regulate the sale of guns in the states bordering the Mexican Republic.

Thus, the senators applauded the initiative presented by the American legislator John Cornyn, which prohibits granting resources to operations for controlled delivery of weapons to suspected traffickers.

However, they regretted that Congress has not objected to the proposal of the prosecutor, Eric Holder, seeking help to remove illegal weapons from that country to ours.

Therefore, the Senate urged the U.S. and Mexican governments and outlines actions to strengthen bilateral cooperation against organized crime based on the principles of sovereignty and responsibility.

Similarly, U.S. legislators invited to continue joining efforts “to strengthen the capacity of our governments in the spirit of cooperation shown in the last parliamentary meeting Mexico-United States.”

Meanwhile, the president of the Committee on Foreign Relations, North America, Adriana Gonzalez, said that ‘Wide Receiver’ and ‘Fast and furious” undoubtedly hurt the cooperation “to combat organized crime, making it necessary to condemn once more.

Your bed partner, PAN Senator Luis Alberto Villarreal Garcia, said that under no circumstances should let the strong rejection of programs, which ‘will last for years claiming lives of Mexicans. “

Meanwhile, PRI Sen. Fernando Baeza questioned the proposals as’ how are we going to ask U.S. authorities to enforce the law if we have not made a preliminary inquiry into the facts of Fast and Furious and Wide Receiver. “

The legislator said that the operation is an offense in Mexico, and ordered that in addition to the preliminary investigation and appropriation ‘should have been applied for the extradition of persons who have violated the Mexican legal system. “So if you’re going to ask that they (the U.S.) apply the law also require that the Mexican authorities do not tolerate this and relevant prosecutions, “said Sen. Chihuahua.

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