55 of 61 known narco-laboratories Jalisco- located; by The Mexican Army!

13 Nov
Jalisco Narco-Lab

Jalisco Narco-Lab

Jalisco’s territory, the Army of the region (which also includes Aguascalientes, Zacatecas, Colima and Nayarit) have secured 55 of 61 narco-laboratories so far this year, mostly in the municipality of Zapopan.

“In Jalisco have been dismantled today to 55 laboratories in Region V are 61, what we read is that criminals are changing their vocation to the manufacture of synthetic drugs, which represents a great risk because they are highly addictive drug and can do serious damage to health, “said Brigadier General Staff Diploma of Military Region V, Fausto Genaro Lozano.

The military said that criminals choose to make clandestine laboratories in strategic locations.

“The locations depend on the closeness of the ports where they receive chemicals is a precursors, it is simply a logistical point of view of criminals, who also have a way to organize, and assemble these laboratories and have the required capital for this operation and to make it as easy as possible, “said Fausto Genaro Lozano.

“In Jalisco there is an increased amount of activity for this type operation. There are three states which are the main producers of this type of drug, Sinaloa, Michoacan and Jalisco, “he added.

Criminal groups usually install this type of drug processing locations outside major urban areas not to be found easily, he said.

“Many are in rural areas in the mountains; we have even found places that are difficult to access. The truth is an issue that has to do with logistics, “he explained.

Now there are 15 soldiers serving sentences for their participation in this illegal business, and we expect more arrests in the near future.

“Those who are wrong are in prison, here are 15soldiers are now serving a sentence because there’s zero tolerance, which is wrong here it starts a process immediately,” said Brigadier General Diploma of Staff.

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