Mexico-rapist of 30 women, known by the name of Joseph “N”,”N” 40 years of age

14 Nov
Mexico state

Mexico state

Joseph “N”,”N” 40 years of age was arrested by the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (PGJEM) and the Ministry of Public Security (SSC), as the alleged offender of at least 30 rape violations in the municipality of Nicolás Romero, in the state of Mexico.

And because the subject was identified by some of the victims who suffered sexual assault, Joseph “N” “N” was referred to the Board in criminal Neza Nezahualcoyotl .

The judge accepted the accusations against the accused in three cases where the victims have identified him as the attacker and have obtained an equal number of arrest warrants, keeping the identity of the aggrieved.

Because of these facts, THE UNIVERSAL Edomex unveils some accusations about the capture of the alleged perpetrator of the crime of rape.

1 .- The man identified as Joseph “N”, “N” was arrested on the streets of the colony Zamora Bonita, municipality of San Vicente Chichester, thanks to the statements and remarks of one of the victims.

2 .- Following the investigations by the safety police they were allowed to clarify their involvement in the case complaint brought by the crimes of rape and sexual assault perpetrated against young women of Villa Nicolas Romero and other nearby locales.

3 .- In compliance with the injunction, the subject of 40 years of age was admitted to the prison of Nezahualcoyotl, where he was made available to the Court of Oral Trials Control, who issued the writ of attachment to trial by their involvement in the crime of rape.

4 .- The investigations by public servants in the intelligence area will continue, in order to gather more evidence of dates and locations of sexual assaults.

5 .- Both agencies urged the aggrieved woman to appear before the ministerial authority, to verify the allegations involving the illegal acts of the accused.

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