Ciudad Juarez; José Noé Roque Flores-nicknamed “The René’,’Pig’ or ‘Junior’- arrested

15 Nov
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Ciudad Juarez, Chih. By an operation in which he participated personally Municipal Public Security Secretary, Julian Leyzaola, was responsible for the arrest of the deputy leader for the band of the Aztecs.

The detainee is José Noé Roque Flores, apparently one of the main leaders of the gang of “The Aztecs” and who controls drug sales in the downtown area.

Julian Leyzaola said Roque Flores, who was nicknamed “The René’,’Pig’ or’Junior’, is also responsible for several killings in the city, and a gang of extortionists operating in the downtown area.

He noted that Roque Flores, 35, was handed over to the Ministry of National Defense, who moved to the capital of the country and made available to the Office of Special Investigations into Organized Crime (SIEDO).

Who is considered the number two of the Aztecs armed wing of the Juarez cartel, was in charge of charging fees to businesses and professionals residing in the downtown area, he said.

He said Roque Flores had been following since the merchants organized the first frame of the city, he complained that they were being blackmailed by the criminal group.

In November 2010, ‘The Farmers’ was captured who was the known leader of the Aztecs. His accomplices Carlos Rodriguez Ramirez and Alberto Nunez Payan, alias ‘to 67’, and Gisela Ornelas Núñez.

‘The Farmero’ was responsible for 80 percent of all homicides in Ciudad Juarez August 2009 to November 2010, among which also include the murders of two American consulate employees on 14 March.

According to investigations, the three persons were accused of drug trafficking, violation of Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives and the resulting.

The suspects were arrested November 27, 2010  by elements of the federal police in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, in possession of firearms, vehicles, drugs, communication devices, cartridges of different calibers and documents.

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