Mexico- confiscated more than Cofepris 13,000 tablets from CV-Direct

15 Nov


Fake Health Drugs

Fake Health Drugs

The Health Department inspected nine wineries in the City and State of Mexico, which represents the largest seizure of the year

The Ministry of Health (SSA) said 13,572 tablets of the product “miracle” were found in the company warehouses of CV-Direct, because of non-compliance with health legislation may represent a risk to public health.

Reliance explained, that the Federal Commission for Protection Against Health Risks (Cofepris) inspected the company holdings of nine CV-Live at the Federal District and Mexico State, and that this action represents the largest seizure of these products so far the year.

“This is the largest seizure of miracle products made in one fell swoop so far this year, and 49.4 percent exceeds the amount of nine thousand 82 products the company insured Capslim of Mexico last September,” recalled the reliance on a statement.

He said state health officials also have reported the immobilization of 13,114 units of products with similar characteristics.

Cofepris reiterated that the so-called “miraculous” products are not drugs, not based on science, hide symptoms of serious diseases, they are supported by advertising and market deception.

The control of public health in the spotlight keeps other “miraculous” and warned that, along with state health authorities will continue the withdrawal from the market products that endanger the health of the population.

Insurance products are the most advertised as: Malunggay, Cold Extreme Heat, Skinny Shot, Celunuvel, Cold Heat and One Week Ultra.

“Verified Cofepris nine wineries of the said company is located in the Federal District and the State of Mexico and proceeded to the assurance of these products, as they promise to treat or rehabilitate multiple diseases without scientific basis,” he said.

Also noted that confiscated  5,238 units of labels and leaflets, for violating public health laws by attributing to products that do not have specific properties.

According to advertising, Malunggay allegedly used to combat headaches, colitis, gastritis, diabetes, poor circulation, high blood pressure and low.

The Extreme Cold Heat is a gel that “helps to reduce size and weight,” while the Skinny Shot offers weight loss “so fast”.

In turn, the supposedly reaffirms Celunuvel -premature wrinkling skin, the Cold Heat is a gel that “helps eliminate the fat” and One Week Ultra “is used to reduce size and weight control,” he added.

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