Mexico- unmanned aircraft (Drones) for tracking drug cartels and organized crime

16 Nov
Drones for tracking Drug cartels

Drones for tracking Drug cartels

The Ministry of the Navy (Semar) will launch next March unmanned aircraft to serve in precision operations against drug cartels and other organized crime groups, as well as in cases of natural disasters.

These smart air units were designed and manufactured by Navy personnel in Mexico. Be able to send real-time video and photographs of high-risk areas considered criminal, and social impacts that cause situations of flooding, landslides, earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, among other natural disasters.

The new prototypes will be able to make flights of up to six miles around with a duration of 120 minutes.

In the case of actions against organized crime and drug trafficking is the surprise factor that will help the Navy of Mexico to conduct precision operations, as each unit can send the image of safe houses that are used for the safekeeping of weapons as a gunmen bedroom, or to kidnap performances, among other crimes.

The drone of the Navy are made of lightweight material highly resistant. The team that designed and built the new units is composed of ten experts of the Institute for Research and Technological Development of the Beloved of Mexico.

A captain, whose name is reserved for security reasons, explained that for the first time such drones are designed by Mexican military operations to protect and safeguard the public.

“(The drone) is armed based carbon fiber, has a takeoff weight of 9.5 kilograms, with a wingspan of 2.54 meters.

He also explained that its control of earth station is a portfolio, which contains the computer which controls the aircraft and all attachments for communications.

“It also has a communications tower. All this equipment is easily transportable in a van or a helicopter in the Navy to deploy forces where they require. “

Pilots without wings

The new unmanned aircraft are being tested for operation in March, are handled by an experienced airline pilot of the Navy Department.

“The challenge or the commitment to integrate a team that handles different disciplines is the satisfaction, is to obtain the result sought, the plane can get to places using an element of surprise by its size and position mode operation.

“(It’s) contribution to national security. This aircraft can carry out operations that develop their own navy in the fight against drug trafficking and to support the civilian population by weather that hit the country for the recognition of carriers concerned.

“It may be the most valuable land is the institution in order to assess the situation before sending manned units,” he explained.

The Navy pilot who does the testing of the units said that “it is a ship of the characteristics of a plane called the coach, a high-wing aircraft, with attachments that help provide more lift to the whole.

“The drones can fly to a lower speed, short of the condition of collapse, a situation that is very favorable for this type of aerial craft that has to be at moderate speeds.”

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