gunmen “Knights Templar” and “La Familia Michoacana-killed eight people in Mexico

17 Nov


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Alleged gunmen killed eight people in different regions in Mexico

Groups of alleged gunmen today shot and killed eight people in three separate events in the state of Michoacán in southwestern Mexico, officials said.

The attorney general of Michoacán said in a statement that among the victims is Abel Estrada Avila, former director of municipal public security of Vista Hermosa, adjacent to the state of Jalisco, who was killed by a partner in the interior of your home for a group armed with assault rifles.

The authorities also reported that in the same municipality, another armed group shot dead a person with AR-15 rifles and 45 calibre pistols, when “smoked in the door of his house.”

In another development, masked men gunned down three people traveling in a van in a wooded area near the city of Morelia, capital of this state.

Finally, the prosecution said two alleged gunmen were killed in a shootout between drug gangs “Knights Templar” and “La Familia Michoacana” in Turicato municipality in South Florida.

The state police is responsible for investigations into the killings.

This wave of violence was recorded three days after the Michoacan went to the polls to elect a state governor, 112 mayors and 40 deputies, which according to preliminary data were won by the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI).

Michoacan is a state in the Mexican Pacific coast has extensive mountainous areas favorable for the production and trafficking of drugs, and part of the route between South America and United Kingdom as is disputed by various drug cartels.

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