Los Zetas are slowly being dismantled: in Luguna Seura!

19 Nov


Helicopter of the Ninth Military Regiment

Helicopter of the Ninth Military Regiment

The Ninth Military Regiment in Laguna Segura, dismantled a communications network, part of the criminal group Los Zetas, in this municipality, which is valued at $ 350,000. It also arrested four people.

The system consisted of a central process unit, two hard drives with a large storage capacity, three digital repeaters and a radio base-band digital.

In addition, a long-range radio air band that allows communication of aircraft from the ground.

Four laptop computers linked in networks, digital radio equipment 63, 59 analog radio equipment with multiple accessories, 22 mobile radios, 24 mobile phones and various documentation.

The federal agency reported that the system was used to coordinate and control their criminal cells and monitor the security forces and evade the authorities in the region Laguna.

The Secretary of Defense stressed that the assurance is given as a result of increased technical analysis tasks and use of information, allowing the military a surprise coordinated action at the site known as the “Central” in the which criminals operating this system located in the residential colony of Finance of Torreon, Coahuila.

They also seized several doses of cocaine and the arrest was achieved four subjects who were in charge of management and operation of appliances.

Caen 14 Zetas in Veracruz

In the town of Fortin de las Flores, located in central Veracruz, the Navy Department reported that EA stopped 14 alleged members of Los Zetas.

The federal agency announced in a statement on Wednesday, Marines conducted a patrol and found four suspicious vehicles that were parked with the lights on.

Undertook an investigation and found a handgun, a grenade, 907 thousand rounds of ammunition, 73 magazines, 402 doses of white powder similar to cocaine, 200 doses and three packages of marijuana and 23 communications equipment.

Perez arrested Gerardo Reyes, Araceli Munoz Romero, Marisol Hernandez Andrea Galindo, Maura Hernandez Griselda Blanco, Carlos Altamirano Martinez, Carlos Pérez Rodríguez, David Daniel Hipolito Martinez Morales Valentín Farias, Oscar Burgoa Alcala, Gerardo Arellano Andrade, Manuel Pacheco Ramirez, Jorge Cazares Alberto Rueda, Gret Kuri and Maribel Villegas Gomez Monroy.

According to the statement, the detainees admitted working for Los Zetas as hawks , collectors and shift leaders.

The suspects were turned over to federal prosecutors and opened a preliminary investigation AP/PGR/VER/V/729/2011.

Federal authorities have reported that the cartel operates Veracruz Los Zetas , an organization that has unleashed a wave of violence in the state.

Local deputies PAN and PRD, and Security Secretary, Arturo Bermudez, admitted yesterday during the hearing of the officer in northern Veracruz that there is strong criminal activity, where citizens are stripped of their vehicles when on the road, no matter time of day.

During the hearing there was a confrontation between police and suspects, four died and one was arrested.

The fact forced the Secretary Arturo Bermuúez interrupted the hearing to give instructions, ask permission for a helicopter landed in the courtyard of the State Congress and could be removed and inform colleagues that there was “an event” grave near a school (the The private school Beech), “almost at the door.”

Then in the middle of an answer, reported that the clash killed four people and said that “there was an attack against the school.”

Later, the Security Department reported one arrest and seized rifles.

In his appearance was inquired by opposition MPs on the assessments applied to the police of the entity and the state official reported that in total there are 21 000 elements in the state between state police, municipal, and auxiliary PGJ, only 30 percent accredited assessors of the exam.

So far, 2, 230 uniformed officers tested, of them thousands have already been laid off and thousands missing and 230 per have been sacked.

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