Narco banners and the threat to a Kindergarten in Sonora!

19 Nov


Barbed tape at a prison

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For the third time in less than a month, this morning dawned a banner on the front door of a public school with threatening messages against prison authorities of Sonora.

The commander of the Fourth Military Zone, Georges André Van Lissum Foullon said they already have evidence of who the perpetrators of these threatening messages are.

The banner was placed in the Missionaries kindergarten, located at the corner of Potam and Republic of Guatemala, in the colony Missionaries of the capital of Sonora.

The school authorities suspended classes until Tuesday of next week to avoid panic among the student community.

He was quartermaster staff who discovered the “narcobanners” at about 6:30 pm and reported the number of emergencies.

The first on the scene were Municipal Police, who reported that the message was directed against the same public servants who have been threatened on two previous covers.

This is Juan Miguel Arias Soto, who serves as Director of Security Prison, as well as subordinates Oscar Gilberto Flores Antillon and Martin Cordova latter COO of Ceres and a custodian named Betancourt.

The banners are warning that if these prison authorities are not dismissed they will retaliate, even against students.

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