“El Pino” arrested! recruiter of ‘Los Zetas’ in Hidalgo!

22 Nov


Los Zetas Recruiting Police by El Pino

Los Zetas Recruiting Police by El Pino

State Police arrested the alleged recruiter of ‘Los Zetas‘ in Hidalgo, plus eight municipal police officers from municipalities; Actopan and Pachuca, who are allegedly linked to organized crime.

Secretary of Public Security in the state, Damian Canales Mena, said José Augusto Vega Pacheco, ‘The Pine’, helped to recruit police officers to work with this criminal organization.

This, being linked to at least eight executions, among them the case of bodies located in a California mine after having been shot.

He explained that “El Pino” was arrested while driving too fast on the boulevard Everardo Marquez, and when searched the police found 50 small bags of cocaine, six cell phones and 17 phone chips.

He said that ‘The Pine’ was working for the state police from 2002-2009, and was director of Municipal Security of El Arenal, and during that time he was recruited by the criminal group ‘Los Zetas’, under the orders of ‘The Mascafierros’ and Commander ‘The Keys’.

Reported to be the Deputy Attorney Specialized Investigation of Organized Crime (OFDI) that is responsible of the case, because the crimes he is charged are federal.

Similarly, the assurance was achieved Edwin Cabrera Emilio and Alberto Escamilla Cortes Corona, elements of the Directorate of Traffic Police and the municipality of Pachuca.

In addition to González Portillo Viridiana, Edmundo Lopez Espinoza, Guillermo Antonio Ruiz Garcia, Jose Trinidad Ramirez Menes, Mario Escamilla Martinez and Miguel Angel Felix Hernandez, all elements of the Municipal Police Actopan.

With them are already 271 people detained and 59 police Hidalgo all linked to this criminal organization from April to date.


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