Police Chiefs arrested, working for the Juarez Cartel NW of Chihuahua!

22 Nov
Two Police Chiefs connected to Juarez Cartel arrested!

Two Police Chiefs connected to Juarez Cartel arrested!

Two police chiefs, an officer and three other men were arrested by the army in possession of nine firearms and several vehicles reported as stolen.

These are the directors of Public Security of the municipalities of Gran Morelos and Belisario Dominguez, rural regions located northwest of the state of Chihuahua, and are used for planting and traffic of marijuana, primarily for the Juarez cartel .

The arrest was derived from an operation by the Ministry of National Defense, who intercepted the detainees and they seized three assault rifles AK-47, two R-15 and 4 guns of various calibers.

However, despite being a purely military action, the Government of Chihuahua issued a press release which confirms “the arrest of the directors of Public Security of the municipalities of Gran Morelos and Belisario Domínguez for his alleged involvement with a criminal group “.

Both public safety directors were appointed by the current state administration and carrying their credentials issued by the Government and the municipality.

After learning that police managers were consigned to the PGR by the army, the Office of Chihuahua said “it is an act of great importance in the strategy against organized crime that holds the Presidency of the Republic with the full support of governments the states.”

They said they will carry out the investigation to be followed by the Attorney General’s Office, particularly as the sovereign government officials were appointed with the approval of the state administration. the law.

Apparently an anonymous tip led the military to the point where there was a meeting between a crime boss of La Linea, the armed wing of the Juarez cartel – with the directors of Public Safety cited.

The statement from the Ministry of Defence says that “the Mexican Army arrested Raul Hernandez Ortega (a)” Jocko “square head of the municipalities of Gran Morelos, Vicente Guerrero, Cuauhtémoc, Tutuaca, Belisario Dominguez and Bachiniva, Chihuahua, for criminal group Line . “

He added that the arrest was the result of attention to a citizen complaint, which reported that in the town of Santa Barbara Tutuaca municipality of Gran Morelos, was a group of heavily armed, so that Mexican Army troops proceeded to move at said place, making a “precision operation through the establishment of a fence, obtaining the arrest of Hernandez Ortega and five others aboard four vehicles, one armored, where the chief carrying thugs.

Along with the capo were arrested Fernando Márquez Najera, who is the Director of Public Safety of Belisario Dominguez, according to the badge number 01, donate specifies that preventive Corporation entered the December 31, 2011.

Ramon Munoz was also arrested Cepeda, who is the Director of Public Safety Gran Morelos, according to the credential issued on October 11, 2011.

Other detainees were identified as Victor Hugo Rivera, Oscar Linares and Carlos Daniel Favela Javier Carmona, the latter who introduced himself as municipal police Gran Morelos active.

The detainees were seized with three handguns, three smoke grenades, 12 magazines for different weapons, 636 rounds of ammunition for different caliber guns, six teams in radio communication, two cell phones, four assault rifles AK-47 and two R-15, and four vehicles.

Vehicles, one of belongs to the state government official with official logos, plus a Dodge Journey, double cab, a Volvo truck model XC-90, and a double cab Toyota, Armored Escort van.

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