Enjaulan a El Cuervo-boss of sicarios-arrested: Joaquin Guzman Loera:

24 Nov
Joaquin Guzman Loera El Chapo- shorty

Joaquin Guzman Loera El Chapo- shorty

Enjaulan a El Cuervo. A boss of sicarios from the Sinaloa Cartel was arrested following a military operation in coast of Baja California. The man was identified as Jehová Israel Ilhuicatzi, “El Cuervo” who was working under the command of Rene Arteaga, “La Rana” brother of Alfredo Arteaga “El Aquiles” a middle level boss of the Sinaloa cartel in Tijuana and Playas de Rosarito.

There are reports that El Cuervo was taking orders directly from El Tigre, a man in the inner circle of Joaquin Guzman Loera. He is also considered the successor of Hector Guajardo Hernandez “El Güicho.” El Cuervo is Caged – The boss of the gunmen belonging to the Sinaloa Cartel in the Tijuana-Playas de Rosarito area known as El Cuervo, was arrested in a sweep from the Mexican military on the border region.

The authorities did not clarify how Cuervo was arrested, although unofficial sources reported that the alleged criminal was arrested east of the city when he was in an SUV and was intercepted by the Mexican military.

The state prosecutor said Ilhuicatzi Morales was identified as the mastermind in the assassination attempt of a low lever drug dealer from a rival group on November 1 in the community of El Tecolote, south of the city.

A spokesman for the Municipal Public Security Ministry in Tijuana, Julián Domínguez, said that on that day four people were arrested after a shootout and pursuit when they tried to kill Jesús Omar Acuña Parra, 27, apparently because he used to distribute narcotics for them and he owed them some due payments.

The men arrested were identified as Juan Manuel Bocanegra Fortánez, 27, Antonio Cedano Cuellar, 35, and Gastelum Manuel Hernandez, 29. There was also Héctor Flores Jurado, 29, who was admitted to the general hospital under the custody of the police after being shot in the buttocks during the shooting.

The deputy attorney general assigned to organized crime for the PGJE, Abel Galvan said the low level drug traffickers that were detained Nomeber 1, 2011 took orders from Ilhuicatzi Morales, El Cuervo.

They are related to at least eleven murders that occurred in Tijuana and Playas de Rosarito linked to drug dealing and “cobros de piso” or “fee to operate” said Deputy Attorney General assigned to organized crime for the PGJE, Abel Galvan, when he confirmed the arrests. Galvan said the four detainees told the state attorney that they receive direct orders from Morales Ilhuicatzi. Through previous investigations it is believed that Jehová Israel Ilhuicatzi ordered and participated in executions of rival gang members in the region during the last three months.

A package with some of the marijuana seized after discovering a major cross-border drug tunnel linking warehouses in Otay Mesa industrial park and Tijuana, Mexico, is seen in Otay Mesa, California November 16, 2011.

One source points out that El Cuervo took orders from Alfredo Arteaga “El Aquiles” who is said to be a lieutenant in the Cartel de Sinaloa (CDS) led by the one and only Joaquin El Chapo Guzman in this border region and who is said to be responsible for the 18 tons of marijuana that were seized in Tijuana in packages bearing the image of Captain America that were destined for the United States.

El Cuervo was arrested by troops of the Second Military Region and was said to be the successor of Hector Guajardo Hernandez “El Güicho” that was responsible in the transportation of drugs and executions on behalf of the CDS in the southern part of Tijuana. The detainee was transferred to Mexico City where he will be presented to the media by the military forces.

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