new narcotúnel in the city of Nogales

24 Nov


Narco Tunnel found

New Narco tunnel going Tucson

Federal agents discovered a new narcotúnel in the city of Nogales on the border with Mexico , the second in a week and where they seized more than 400 pounds of marijuana, the Border Patrol reported today.

The passage was discovered yesterday by Border Patrol agents in a few apartments for rent near the border, told Efe Yellow Crystal, spokeswoman for the federal agency in the Tucson sector.

The tunnel was approximately 319 feet long and 219 feet extended into the United States and 100 more to Mexico.

This excavation was discovered more sophisticated than six days in the same area, which had electricity, ventilation, reinforcement of walls and a hydraulic system.

Inside, agents found 26 bundles of marijuana weighing 430 pounds and worth $ 215,000.

Yellow indicates that the Mexican side were seized another 100 pounds of marijuana and arrested one person.

Spokesman for the high likelihood of being detected by border agents and stiffer penalties are the causes of criminal organizations seek to carry out their illegal operations using tunnels.

At the end of fiscal 2011 (Sept. 30) were discovered 12 tunnels on the border between Arizona and Mexico.

This is the second underground passageway discovered in the area during the current fiscal year began last Oct. 1.

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