Bali: Australian teenager 14 years old sentenced to two months in prison for drugs

25 Nov


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An Indonesian court sentenced an Australian teenager, aged 14 on Friday to two months in prison for dugs possession, who had been arrested on 4 October, on the Indonesian island of Bali, for the purchase of nearly seven grams of hashish.

Taking into account the time that the young person has spent in prison only a few days left until the December 4, behind bars.

“We condemn the defendant to two months in prison, and deduct the period which has already been in jail,” said Simanjuntak Amser judge after the court session of Denpasar, the provincial capital of Bali.

The prosecution had asked for three months in prison against the boy, a punishment that was already low compared with the six years that was punishable as Indonesia severely punishes drug trafficking.

The teen’s arrest sparked outrage from the Australian media, prompting the government to intervene. The Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd, said that “we will do everything to bring back the young man to his house.”

The youthfulness of the accused also provoked criticism of the severity of justice in Indonesia, which has no juvenile courts.

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