Dead Bodies and narco-message found: Millennium Arches in Guadalajara!

25 Nov


Transportation for the Dead!

Dead bodies and narco message found

A  narco-message that was found on Thursday morning near the Millennium Arches in Guadalajara. It speaks of “El Chapo“, as well as Emilio Gonzalez and Malova, who, according to the banner (manta), they hold an alliance with “Mayo” Zambada.

“We’re in Jalisco and we are not leaving, the fight is not with the town people, it’s with El Chapo, Mayo Zambada, who are wanting to fight and they can’t even defend their own turf, it is the same with the ones from Jalisco with their Nueva Generacion, it is the same with El Chapo and El Mayo who are a bunch of informants for the American government and not of us, the same Vicente Zamabada says so, he is the son of Mario Zambada, that they are informants for the gringos for all the people who work for El chapo and El Mayo, and the ones from Jalisco, who do not control their own turf, the same thing that happened to Flaco “Dalgiero” will happen to you all, and for all those that have told on El Chapo and El Mayo. And the ones from Jalisco, take the blindfold off , the Sinaloa Cartel is history, just like the ones from Jalisco, they do not control their own turf. We bring you a shit mess and you don’t even know from where the Voladora is falling on you from, becasue the governor of Jalisco and Sinaloa are close friends of Mayo Zambada. that you were so peaceful in Jalisco and Sinaloa, and now with your arrangements you don’t know what to do, look, here we leave you your dead ones, if we can abduct (levanton) them ourselves so you can see that we do not need any help from any asshole, we are in all the way inside the kitchen, we are showing you that without the support of the Mexican army, Marines or PFP or any other federal or state authority and this is proof that we are deep inside the kitchen

Atte: “Z” group, the strong cartel at a national level, the only cartel that is not an informant of the Americans (gringos). This group exists, in loyalty, honor, Z group , always loyal.”  

The CJNG began to appear in news stories last year, especially following the death of Ignacio Coronel, the Sinaloa Cartel “Cartel de Sinaloa” (CDS) big shot who controlled much of the Pacific region.

Most reports focused on the group’s battles with La Resistencia, another local gang, for control of Jalisco’s biggest city, Guadalajara, and the surrounding region. While the initial interpretation of the CJNG’s emergence was that they were merely a local iteration of the CDS composed of Coronel’s erstwhile subordinates, recent weeks have provided evidence of a group striking out on its own.

Last June the group attached messages to dead bodies dumped along a highway in the state of Guanajuato taunting a wide range of groups like: La Familia, Los Zetas, La Resistencia, and, strikingly, the CDS.

CJNG were said to have committed a similar mass execution in Veracruz under the name of MataZetas where they ended up executing at least 67 alleged Zetas in and around Veracruz within a couple of days. 

Responding to a reporter’s question, Najera told the Televisa television network that he believed the recent calm in Guadalajara was the result of an increase in security and not because drug cartels had struck a truce with each other during the games. He declined to comment on the possible motives for the slayings, saying only that investigators had “various hypotheses.” The Zetas have taken over neighboring Zacatecas state in their push west, and are said to be eyeing Guadalajara both for the meth trade and for the potential of extortion.

Analysts have said there is some indication that factions such as La Resistencia (a La Familia faction) will join the Zetas, which would produce a coalition threatening Sinaloa’s methamphetamine operations.


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