GUADALAJARA, More info on the Dead!

25 Nov


Death in Guadalajara

Death in Guadalajara

GUADALAJARA,  The government of Jalisco confirmed that 26 bodies were found in three trucks abandoned in just a minute on the busy Avenida Lazaro Cardenas in Guadalajara, two plates were the State of Mexico and Jalisco. All bodies were males, were bound and suffocated, one of the bodies was beheaded, others had gunshot wounds.

The multiple run was won by cartel -Z Millennium .

According to Secretary of Government of Jalisco, Fernando Guzman Perez-Pelaez, “men whose bodies were found 26 in total have approximate ages between 25 and 35. All naked, wearing only clothes: socks, briefs, boxers, shirts or t-shirt. “

All bodies narco-legend had also found a blanket.

“The banner refers to the predominance of a poster or another poster, the confrontation they have, it is a struggle between these structures and not civilians. And making complaints to the governments of Jalisco and Sinaloa, “the Secretary of Government.

“Investigations are ongoing, not hide from what is to come integrated into the inquiry. It confirms our commitment to continue working as co-responsible for combating crime and safeguarding the security of Jalisco, various actions have been implemented to strengthen patrols and care of our metropolitan area, access roads, “said

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