Have we become Barbarians!

26 Nov
USA and Mexico

USA and Mexico

Everyday we look at the news and we find that people are killing each other. The reasons are many, but none are worth what goes on. We have become a society, if I dare call us a society, we are representative of the animal cult! But in reality we are worse. We kill for no reason! We talk about the other people and unfortunately it is us, who committs these atrocities against human society.

In Oregon a young man was killed by a complete stranger for what reason. The stranger attacked a young man in the prime of his life with a machete knife, and almost decapitated him. What was the reason, and what was to be achieved by this cruelty! This is one incidence that has occurred in recent days in the USA.

Mexico is totally out of control, over-run by Drug cartels and the numbers of persons killed daily is beyond belief. We are living in a state of denial, these killings are happening daily even as I write. This fanaticism for money,power and control is leading us to the edge of human understanding, and is damning us to a bitter end.

Mexico used to be a lovable country full of happy people, but due to the International cry for more drugs it has virtually destroyed the country. Day after day, the killing goes on. The people are afraid to speak, and those that do, are usually killed, of their familes are intimidated, Case in point La Ninja who was a blogger she was attacked and killed because she spoke up. The Drug cartels did not like that so, she was silenced with a Machete and her body thorwn in the streets. There are many cases similar to this one.

The USA with their “Fast and Furious” fiasco contibuted weapons that were used agaisnt the local people of Mexico and now the US Government is ashamed for what they did. But, no-one has accepted responsibility. All we get is just talk! The weapons keep on comming from Texas, down to Guatemale and back into Mexico. President Obama will not accept responsibility, nor does anyone in the current Government. It is easy to blame the previous Governments for they no-longer share the responsibility.

A Barbaric society are we, for we tolerate the drug barrons, dealers, traffickers and any form of corruption. Yes, we tolerate it, for it is all about Money, and we have moved our society to believe that money is the only solution to all problems. We have forgotten the human side, and for this we are now in a world wide situation of daily market chaos. We have lived through the Arab summer and the changes that the people cryed for, and gave their lives to make their lives better. In some cases this may work in others the chaos continues, and will continue.

Yes, we are barbaric, because we do not understand what it is to live in peace. We have too many weapons, and the human demand/consumption for drugs world wide  is out of control. Until, we can control the production, transportation and marketing of these illicit drugs our world economies will continue to fall. Billions of dollars are made in the business each year, leading to drug addiction, money laundering, murder, kidnapping and human trafficking. Our governments have no-idea what is to be done or how to stop this flow of drugs, money and trafficking. Some governments are saying legalize drugs, this will decrease the trafficking and reduce the money being laundered as this is a direct way to hurt the Drug Cartels. Yet, there is no simple solution.

The concept of Western culture is generally linked to the classical definition of the Western world. In this definition, Western culture is the set of literary, scientific, political, artistic and philosophical principles that set it apart from other civilizations.

From the above definition; where do we fit in?



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