Spanish judge said that drug legalization would reduce violence

26 Nov


Supreme Court of Spain

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The judge of the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court of Spain, Joaquín García Giménez said in Bogota Efe that legalizing drugs would change the current scenario because, while not end with the drug trade, “there would be less violence.”

The judge made this statement during the training sessions for operators of the criminal justice system against money laundering, the main program of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), held this week in the capital Colombia.

Giménez García’s statements follow the attorney general of Colombia, Viviane Morales, who this week, following the comments of President Juan Manuel Santos in London about the need for a new global strategy, said it is necessary to “open a debate international legalization of drugs “since traffic of these” feeds “the country’s violence.

“It’s a legitimate debate,” said today the Spanish magistrate, who, however, warned that “the time to legalize, the decision must be global.”

“If you choose to legalize, first, what drugs are legalized, secondly, how and thirdly we all do,” said Giménez, to illustrate this: “Suppose you legalize in Colombia and not in surrounding countries, as we have here the pilgrimage to the drug. “

At that point coincided chief prosecutor of the Audiencia Nacional of Spain, Javier Zaragoza, who acknowledged to EFE, in the same forum, the difficulty of taking this step because they do not know “the health consequences that could result, and that itself is that all states need to accept that decision.”

The other side of drug trafficking is money laundering which is a comfortable refuge in tax havens, where the illegality of the money coming to them, goes unpunished.

And in that sense Zaragoza declared, “there is already an international law on tax havens but should go much more pressure on those states.”

“What you have to do, is try to design a policy of pressure to prevent the unlawful money to move and hide in those places against the action and the investigation of the authorities,” he said.

The aim of the conference is organized by UNODC, according to the Spanish tax “to cooperate with Colombian authorities” in investigating drug trafficking and crime derived from that offense, and to exchange experiences on the prosecution of such criminal behavior

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