Update; Millennium Arch Murders!

26 Nov


The Rotunda

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Only six of the 26 people whose bodies were left on Thursday morning in vans on a street in Guadalajara had criminal records, said the state attorney general, Thomas Coronado Olmos.

All the victims died of asphyxiation and had only a few blows to the head, the official said at a news conference.

A day after finding nearby Millennium Arch in the state capital of Jalisco, the state prosecutor said that 10 of the victims were missing report.

Until noon 14 bodies had been identified, and at night the number increased to 19.

The first 14 victims, identified by relatives, were in the age range between 19 and 36 years, reported the state attorney, who gave their names and occupations. Four bodies have already been claimed by their relatives.

The other five victims were identified by their fingerprints, according to Notimex.

Coronado Olmos said the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) will open a line of investigation for organized crime, but the case remains in the hands of the state attorney.

“Regardless of any circumstances, the instruction is clear: to make available to those responsible before a judge and clarify this crime,” said the prosecutor.

On Friday it was confirmed that the area where the bodies had been abandoned surveillance cameras, so we work to retrieve the images that could have been recorded and give clues about the case.

The bodies were dumped in three vans around 6:11 am (local) on Thursday. All the bodies had the legend Millennium or Millennium Zetas , the report said Fernando Guzman, secretary general of the Government of Jalisco.

Guzman also said that in the area found a message that referred to the alleged armed group perpetrator.

The 19 victims identified:

  1. Emmanuel Mendoza Saul Jasso, 21, an employee of a convenience store and missing report
  2. Juan Ramon Mora Alonso, 29, technical thermoplastics with a rearrest warrant for vehicle theft
  3. Juan Pablo Celis Velasco, 24, driver removal, with missing report
  4. Victor Andres Jaime Rivera, 19, was a local sale of games and had missing report
  5. Jose Martinez Guzman, 23, was reported missing
  6. Juan Carlos Amaton Avila, 23, was a house painter and his disappearance was reported on November 23
  7. Calzada José Guadalupe Buenrostro, 29, worked at a convenience store and had reports of disappearances
  8. Esquivel Juan Carlos Andrade, 40, was selling burgers and had reports of disappearances
  9. Solis Carlos Coronado, 34, was a mechanic and his family had alleged that he was “raised by some individuals while riding in his truck through a village in Jalisco”
  10. Vidal Alejandro Robles, 22, was a dental technician in a lab and had missing report
  11. José Antonio Parga, 23, was a driver loading and missing persons report had
  12. Edgar Martinez Ramon Chavez, 21, was bottled water delivery and had a report of disappearance
  13. Octavio Gutierrez Rodriguez, 36, indicate that family had disappeared, but no complaint had been filed
  14. Oceguera Horacio Lopez, 31, sold used cars and had a rearrest warrant for crimes against health damage
  15. Luis Sánchez Quezada, prior prison for drug crimes
  16. Cazares Juan Guzman, prior prison for fraud
  17. Celis Ramón Velasco
  18. Salvador Barragan Zuno before jail for theft
  19. A man earlier arrested for drug crimes, which did not give his name


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