Barbarians following – “El Santo Sapo” or “Gordo Sapo”: Captured

27 Nov


El Sapo can not fly!

Barbarian El Sapo captured!

In the town of Ocozocoautla, Chiapas the Mexican military managed to arrest former police officer Santos Ramírez Morales, known as “El Santo Sapo” or “Gordo Sapoconsidered a major plaza boss in the states of Tabasco and Chiapas announced the office of the Secretary of National Defense. The federal agency that oversees military initiatives said that the arrest was made possible through a joint operation, “Delincuencia Organizada de Chiapas,” with the federal General Attorney’s office, that included several check points and search warrants around the region.

 Ramírez Morales just another Barbarian finding himself cornered from authorities made an attempt to escape while aboard a Honda CRV with license plate DRG6448 out of Chiapas and open fire at the military forces, who responded back with gunfire wounding El Santo Sapo. To ensure the security of the medical staff, Sapo was transported to a military hospital in the city of Tuxtla Gutiérrez with gunshot wounds. A female companion of El Santo Sapo was also taken in to custody.

El Santo Sapo was in possession of an AK-47 known as “cuerno de chivo,” a hand gun and numerous cellular phones.  At the same time that El Sapo was being taken in to cusody, the military executed several search warrants in different parts of the area that resulted in the arrest of 24 suspects all with ties to Sapo.

The military also managed to seize three firearms, 13 fully loaded magazines, 10 vehicles and 43,000 in US currency. The seizures of the weapons and arrest of the suspects prevented a rescue attempt against Ramírez Morales by the different cells of sicarios, halcones and collaborators.

El Santo Sapo is responsible for many criminal acts, among them are executions, abductions, extortions, and trafficking of narcotics and weapons, which gave the authorities enough evidence to secure arrest warrants.  In 2007 Sapo was part of the Gulf Cartel working for Norberto Jimenez Martinez, “El Peje,” but after the Zetas split from the Gulf cartel, Sapo joined forces with Los Zetas along with Enrique Ruiz Tlapaco, “El Tlapa.” His father was killed in February 2011 by the CDG where they left a narco-manta: “Santos Ramírez Morales Zanto Zapo, this is for my son and this is for the children he has killed. you are next. C.D.G. ”

El Santo Sapo is believed to be the boss who ordered the execution of family members (mother and two brothers) belonging to a Mexican Marine, Melquisedet Angulo Córdova, who was killed during a military operation where Arturo Beltrán Leyva was killed in Cuernavaca in December 2009.

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