Mexican army arrests boss of the Zetas in Coahuila, northern Mexico

28 Nov


Location within Mexico
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One more Zetas Barbarian caught! They are falling like dominos!

The Mexican army arrested Francisco Javier Marquez de la Rosa, designated as a major drug dealer group Los Zetas in the Laguna region of Coahuila, northern Mexico, reported the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA).

The commander of Military Region XI said in a statement that troops participating in “Operation Safe Laguna” was arrested yesterday in the city of Torreon to a member of Los Zetas in the fight against drug trafficking and crime.

Reliance said the arrest was made during tours of surveillance of military personnel in one of the neighborhoods in the city of Torreon.

He said the alleged drug trafficker was seized with a handgun, a charger, 421 cartridges of various calibers, 6,000 doses of powder cocaine, 2,850 doses of crack cocaine, eight packages of marijuana totaling 75 pounds and more than 400 000 pesos ($ 28,000).

The Department of Defense said, “Marquez de la Rosa, identified as the main supplier of drugs for” Los Zetas “, who took over the organization after the Nov. 19 were arrested Veronica Lara Lidia Flores, (a)” The Wicha. “

“With the arrest of this member of the criminal organization” Los Zetas “, it deals a blow to the logistics structure and distribution of drugs in the Laguna District,” said the institution.

The suspect, weapons, drugs, cash, diverse and vehicles were handed over to the authorities, he said


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