Mexico and EU pledge to allocate MORE resource in the drug war!

01 Dec


Parliamentarians of Mexico

Parliamentarians of Mexico

Parliamentarians of Mexico and the European Union (EU) today pledged to allocate more resources for prevention programs against drug use in their regions and to enhance cooperation in fighting drug trafficking globally, legislative sources said.

They also want to look for short and medium term solutions that address the causes and consequences of the phenomena associated with the trafficking of persons, guaranteeing the human rights of immigrants and strategy to create a mechanism to deal with international organized crime .

As part of the close of the fourth and last day of work of the Thirteenth-Mexico Joint Parliamentary Union in the southern state of Oaxaca, the 24 participating European and Mexican parliamentarians presented a joint statement of 36 points on the results of the meeting.

Organized crime, particularly drug trafficking, was one of the most popular topics on the meeting and therefore the two delegations agreed to work to raise the budget for the implementation of preventive drug use and social integration of groups with greater vulnerability.

Try and strengthen educational programs and promote common regional policies in the field of cooperation not only between Mexico and the EU, but the rest of Latin America.

The chairman of the Joint Parliamentary Committee EU-Mexico, Ricardo Cortés Lastra, admitted in a press conference organized crime “is a global problem that every day is more.”

He insisted that this phenomenon is not only an issue of concern to Mexico, but European nations “due to the increase in drug consumption in first world countries.”

Therefore it is considered urgent to promote a meeting between producing and consuming nations of drugs with the aim to jointly identify reasonable alternatives to the criminalization of illicit substances.

“Our job is to do something and establish a global commitment among countries, especially United States,” said Spanish MEP.

In the statement, both delegations signed the commitment to continue promoting a common agenda that “has as main economic policy discussion short, medium and long term, the immediate adoption of measures to curb speculation and manipulation of sovereign debt , the implementation of concrete actions to address fiscal weaknesses and strengthen public finances. “

They also agreed to try that the next meeting of the G-20 (made up of 20 leading industrial countries), to be held in 2012 in Mexico City, progress on the issue of the European crisis.

“If in the next G-20 did not achieve anything, there will be more problems because if Europe is doing poorly, the United States is going to go wrong and Mexico too, and if it is wrong to Mexico, South America is going to do much worse, it’s all chain, “said the president of the Mexican delegation, Senator Jose Guadarrama.

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