U.S. the debate over weapons heats up!

01 Dec


Not all states have a limit!

Not all states have a limit!

In most American states there is no limit to the number of guns a person can buy in a month, only states like Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia have approved a law that only a gun can be bought a month for every citizen, as if applied nationally would greatly reduce deaths by gunshot, in both the U.S. and Mexico, where thousands of weapons arrive acquired by drug traffickers.

This was explained to Excelsior Jonathan Lowy, director of the Legal Action Center to Stop Brady Gun Violence, who said that this policy strategy directly hit the Mexican drug cartels to buy dozens of guns to one month through or two “buyers ant” in states like Texas, Arizona and New Mexico.

He insisted that “are just a few U.S. states that have approved American law to buy ‘one gun per month per citizen’: Maryland, Virginia, California and New Jersey, but the problem is that unless you do federal level, the measure is not effective, “he said.

The Virginia case is interesting because that state a decade ago was a major source of arms supply to dealers, the solution implemented was to establish the law that allows only one gun purchase per month per citizen.

“Studies show that as of this legislation, the flow of guns from Virginia to other states is significantly reduced, there is concrete evidence that this law does stop arms trafficking in the region,” said Brady Center attorney.

Another situation that must change to reduce gun shooting death of both the American Union, where every year die on average 30 000 people a year from this cause, as in Mexico, is to prohibit the sale of military style weapons.

“There should be a ban on the purchase of military weapons, including assault weapons, assault rifles 50 caliber high capacity storage of ammunition, now anyone can buy legally. These are weapons that have nothing to do in the hands of civilians, “Lowy said emphatically.

A third element that should be modified to impose criminal background checks on all gun sales, not only in the 56,000 licensed stores, but also the hundreds of shows of weapons that are made ​​each year.

Many of the booths in the show of weapons do criminal background checks for gun buyers and even put signs that say “here is no background check.”

The administration of President Barack Obama, who has three years in power, “has been a great disappointment in the regulation of arms purchases,” said Lowy, who explained that although it has taken measures such as requiring gun stores four southern EU states report multiple sales of rifles, has not acted even more urgent issues.

He insisted that the U.S. president has not submitted to Congress a proposal to ban the sale of military weapons, reduce the number of weapons you can buy a month or impose criminal background checks nationwide

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