Ciudad Juarez,-“Our daughters back home”-Norma Andrade-activist shot-

03 Dec


Norma Andrade shot 5 times in critical condition

Norma Andrade shot 5 times in critical condition

Ciudad Juarez, Chih., December 2 .- A group of alleged gunmen today attacked and shot Norma Andrade, one of the leaders of the group in Ciudad Juarez “Our daughters back home,” who is in critical condition at a hospital, civilian agencies reported.

The “National Network All Rights for All” said in a statement that “today many men attacked Norma Andrade and she was shot as she left her job in Ciudad Juarez and is hospitalized,” so that the authorities demanded the case be clarified. The National network said Andrade “is the mother of Lilia Alejandra Garcia Andrade, who was murdered in February 2001.” And is also the mother of the group’s director, “Our daughters back home,” Malu Garcia, who is exile in Mexico City by threats of drug traffickers.

The Attorney General of the State of Chihuahua, Juarez ,confirmed in a preliminary report that the social activist received at least five gunshot wounds as she prepared to board your car, the attack which he attributed to an attempted theft of the vehicle.

However, sources close to the activist told Efe that the attack was an assassination attempt by members of a drug cartel operating in the city.

In the last two years five activists have been murdered by organized crime and a dozen others have left the country, according to information from the Human Rights Commission of Chihuahua.

The most recent case is that of Susana Chavez, poet and activist, created the slogan “Not One More “to protest against the killings of women in the city, there have been more than five hundred killings since 1993, most go unpunished. Chavez had been raped, mutilated and murdered on January 11 this year by three people, including a minor.

A month before Marisela Escobedo was killed in front of the seat of government of Chihuahua when calling for justice for the murder of his daughter, whose confessed murderer was released by the judges.

Another murder that shook this city was that of Josefina Reyes, leftist exregidora a municipality adjacent to Ciudad Juarez and social activist for more than two decades, riddled by a group of men on the road towards Valle de Juarez.

On November 2010, the activist Flor Alicia Gomez of Justice “Our Daughters” and the “Centre Women’s Human Rights “, was raped and murdered. Finally, in September 2009, Paz Rodríguez Ortiz, founder of a human rights association, was shot to death in front of his wife.

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  1. Alba

    12/04/2011 at 9:43 PM

    Thanks for this ifo, the mexican goverment is a narco-militar-dictetorship, i saw another post, sadly they right away asked for money!!!The corruptions has no border!!!


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